A little late but... I finally got that pack finish! Chipping away at coming back from cancer

Hey gang, I finally managed to finish a race in the pack. I know it’s a little thing but, after going thru chemo last year and being away from racing for the past few years, it’s a victory!

My legs felt great and I was just floating in the top 10 for the whole race. Got a little over excited in the finally following accelerations and attacks. It didn’t get me dropped but it sure was hard to stay near the field sprint.

Hopefully as time goes on and my fitness/strength improve I’ll be able to play the sprint in a race soon!

I blogged about the race if you want to read it.



Way to go my man

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Good for you - I enjoyed reading through your blog - wishing you health and lots of happy cycling days ahead.


Well done, what a boss! :facepunch: