Guides to Eating and Fuelling?

Does anybody have any general training nutrition guides that could share?

Sufferfest used to have one but it seems it is nowhere on Wahoo Systm (or maybe it’s for members only?)

This guide (download below) is specifically for Sufferfest riders, and describes what and when you need to eat on the bike, how much protein and carbs you need and how you can structure a whole week of eating.

It is referenced to specific Sufferfest workouts (are these the same in Systm?) so you will need to read between the lines to understand how to apply the ideas to your own diet and training. You can always compare the intensity to whatever your “plan” workouts are.

Or just read it and understand that people doing Sufferfest / Systm plans are working very hard, probably harder than most of us.

At the back of the guide are suggested eating plans and there is a list showing carb and protein content of different foods so you can better understand what to eat.

I added a links below to another useful EFR guide as well. The more you read, the better choices you can make.

Hope this helps. Looking forward to other guides.

Good Hunting.


  1. Sufferfest Guide:
    Eating To Suffer

  2. You can learn more about sports nutrition here:
    EFR ~ Sports Nutrition

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Skratch Labs Blog

Their cookbooks also have some good scientific info on nutrition. :lemon: :rice: