Guided hypnosis for hard workouts

Listening to the podcast with Amber Pierce today as they discuss RPE, Fitzgerald’s “how bad do you want it?” and cognitive load and I gotta a story and a question.

I am mindfulness teacher and was recently given a guided recording intended to have the listener drop into a meditative state while working out. The speaker invites you to relax into the workload, relax non-necessary muscle tension, and focus on their voice instead of the pain and desire to stop in the workout.

First off, it was a really cool experience and pushed me through Baird+6 with much less RPE than usual.

Second, it made me reconsider these kinds of guided recordings, especially when all I am trying to do is hang on and not listen to the voices in my head that are trying to convince me I have done enough.

Has anyone else had experience with this kind of thing? Are there other resources like this? There are times when Coach Chad’s cues of encouragement do something similar, but this felt like having a coach right there pushing me to a new edge.

TL;DR: have you ever listened to guided encouragement while riding or working out?

Closest I come to this is counting pedal strokes - 1-25, 25-0, 1-50, 50-0. Helps me with VO2 work - can be hard to count down from 100 when you’re fully on your limit and takes me out of the pain a bit