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Ive been a TR user for a couple of years now, mainly to help my leisure riding/sportives (maybe getting tempted by trying TT or my club beginners crit for a bit of fun next year).

Im a Clinical and Performance Hypnotherapist based in the UK and I’m looking to put together a comprehensive cycling specific hypnosis training programme and I’m looking for people who are keen to maximise their mental game and use the power of their mind to get that extra edge to their performance.

All I would need from you is an hour or so of your time for a call so that I can get some feedback about common issues/problems (physical and mental) regarding training/competing for different disciplines, etc. and you will get free and permanent access to the resource for some feedback once it is complete.

If it would be of interest I would also be happy to arrange a couple of webinars to talk through hypnosis/self hypnosis itself as its often very misunderstood and essentially a way of making rapid changes and/or accessing resources.

What I’m hoping to put together will be a really detailed resource (probably about 8 hours of training) which will provide huge benefits on and off the bike whether it’s to support training, during competition, as well as deliver health benefits/help overcome injuries, etc (there’s a lot of medical evidence regarding imagery under hypnosis for improved healing etc, even wounds and fractured bones).

Please PM me here or email me at

Many, many thanks in advance and thanks @Nate_Pearson for letting me ask forum members for their input.

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Thanks. Ill be in touch tomorrow!