🎉 🎉 🎉 Group Workouts are here! 🎉 🎉 🎉

I would love to try this but only have an iPad to run TrainerRoad on. Any estimate of when an iPad version might be available?


Uhhhh, I learned something new. No idea this existed.

Back to the original topic. Great feature! No one (including myself) wants to see me at 5am.

Now, to figure out a camera and mic …

I wonder how this would work for outside workouts :thinking:



Up for Petit tomorrow? :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually am doing Pettit tomorrow!

Check out The Black Bib for a mesh top…$20 and covers enough so as not to be inappropriate, imo.

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Bennet from Commando-style?

Not quite but I love the reference! White/Pink/Olive


Thanks for the confirmation, that may just be the most expensive free update you guys release for this Computrainer user… :slight_smile:


All sorts of possibilities when we are looking for enjoyment rather than pain…

Create a small meetup on Zwift with TR members with “keep everyone together” turned on and complete a group workout on TR at the same time…

Doing this currently with Zwift workouts after my Plan Builder plan got shot out of the water by CV19 and i decided being on the limit in a high volume plan was probably not the soundest place to be at the moment… Provides some motivation to carry on training, whereas it might otherwise be lacking

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Any plans to allow more than 5 people

Maybe give people the option to turn off camera but still do audio

Yes, it’s mentioned in the debut video. They hope to expand it more in the future.

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Yup, I plan to mix this in with Zwift for others that run both apps.
Could even be another option for doing group events and races.

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Great news for those who like to workout together being apart :slight_smile: real useful for friends that are folowing the same plans.

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Maybe a “TrainerRoad with Zwift” Team would be a way to connect those interested?

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This is super cool TrainerRoad team! Question @Nate_Pearson, @ncomerford: What about the regular “Pedal to Resume/Pause” setting and functionality? I assume that we can leave that checked for our normal, solo workouts and during group workouts the software will override it?

What if you’re the host, have that setting enabled and stop pedaling? Will the workout pause for the group?

Man, I’m gonna have to buy a new laptop for this. Chrome OS was a main beat of mine for ages, so I’ve been using a Pixelbook for the last two years. Don’t want to move my trainer setup to my desktop every time I ride…so I guess it’s time to invest in a new machine.

For what it’s worth, I’m telling my wife that this is your fault @Nate_Pearson.


@dbf Pedal to play/pause is automatically disabled for everyone in Group Workouts. The only way to pause the workout is if the host pauses it, so you won’t have to change anything when you do a solo workout.


@JesseFortson The first part of his question was whether this is independent of and does not conflict with your general Trainer Road setting of “pedal to play/pause”. That is, if you can just leave that enabled, and it will stay enabled for all non-Group workouts, but Group workouts will work correctly.

@dbf Based on my couple of minutes of testing, yes. Just leave “pedal to play” enabled.


I love the idea of the riding courses with friends that @Nate_Pearson teased near the end of the livestream!!!

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