🎉 🎉 🎉 Group Workouts are here! 🎉 🎉 🎉

We’re working to get the “Rode with” feature in Strava.

But if you feel so inclined, and your workout mates are okay with it, putting a workout selfie up on Instagram and Strava would really help us!


I can send you a video on IG :smiley:

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Anyone else NOT getting an option to automatically update the TR application? I’ve tried on both my PC and Mac… Maybe this question doesn’t belong in this thread, but I know everyone here is going to be trying to update in the next 24 hours anyway.


If you happened to implement the teased-at physics, this could get interesting. Make it so people can do a workout (group or not) that’s basically slope mode driven by the elevations (smoothed) in a GPX file. Given an elevation profile, it’s not hard to calculate virtual speed given weight, power, and virtual elevation, especially if you don’t care about being accurate. Now you’ve got virtual speed and a GPS trace for the workout. So add the option that the speed and GPS trace are figured from a GPX file, but the workout is one of your structured workouts. Now you’ve got virtual routing for any TR workout. For group workouts, have the host “drive the bus” – they provide the GPX file and everyone inherits their virtual speed (rather than having their own), so that everyone’s resulting data says they were in exactly the same place at the same time. Now Strava will say that they rode together.

Not near term, obviously, but I can have dreams.


Did this guy nail it 12 days ago or what!?!



@Nate_Pearson: I wonder as a simple basic first step for TR into this realm is hosting virtual group workouts. Say groups of 50 or so you could join at a particular time for a particular workout. This group would have an open chat function and some sort of special visual where you could see all of the group members stats, toggle on/off specific riders you want to follow, etc. During recovery valleys members could chat, ask for advice if they’re struggling or simply commiserate. Possibly users could host their own group workouts for like minded racers (ie: MTB, TT, Tri). Maybe create teams for those following the same plan at the same time.

In essence you’d all be suffering together at the same time doing the same thing. Could be quite motivating and community building.


What kind do you have? I have an old Imac so only legacy for me there. Had to bust out an old windows
Computer to get it. Also I realized what I was not seeing besides group workouts tab being on mac legacy version.

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It’s a Pro8 from about 2012, but it’s running High Sierra (10.12.6).

I’m not getting prompted to update either. MacBook Pro 2014. Running Mojave 10.14.6.

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Go to Finder - Applications - Trainerroad (right click and Move to Trash) - Then go empty the trash. NOW you can reinstall and it should work. That’s what I just did and it fixed my issue. The new version should show up as 2020.14.0.90

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That did it, thanks very much!

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Awesome! Glad to help and hopefully anyone else having trouble can benefit as well.

It will update in the background, but if you want to make sure you have it you can go to Download the Latest Version of TrainerRoad for Your Device - TrainerRoad

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I saw your post and I was like :no_mouth:.


@Nate_Pearson @Bryce are there keyboard quick keys for below?

Meanwhile, there’s also two quick-access buttons up top for turning off audio/video streaming to others. This allows you to turn on/off that outbound mic and video streams rapidly, in the event your significant other decides to walk through the room sans-clothes. It doesn’t impact the underlying workout streaming in any way.

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Not yet, but it’s on the list.


Thank you and will be trying this tomorrow. Keep up the good work and loving all of the enhancements.

Feature request: ramp test. Keep up the great work, TR!

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It sounded like it was definitely on their radar, but the ramp test seems to use slightly different logic than a typical workout, so that probably takes a little more engineering before it works right.

We’ll work on it soon.