Any chance of new feature "TR Racing"?

Take my money.



Since you won’t be wasting time traveling for conferences, races, doing other worldly CEO stuff or simply going out to eat, I expect that time line to be sooner than later!!!


The problem with any sort of virtual race, whether it’s over the interwebz or a live indoor studio, is power meter reading variation. They’re never consistent and someone will always have an unfair advantage.

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with all my group rides being cancelled I did turn to Zwift for group rides and TR for workouts. I know most people in my club prefer TR. It’d be awesome if it could be an add on subscription or something.


Please oh please make Disaster into a race. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


@Nate_Pearson: I wonder as a simple basic first step for TR into this realm is hosting virtual group workouts. Say groups of 50 or so you could join at a particular time for a particular workout. This group would have an open chat function and some sort of special visual where you could see all of the group members stats, toggle on/off specific riders you want to follow, etc. During recovery valleys members could chat, ask for advice if they’re struggling or simply commiserate. Possibly users could host their own group workouts for like minded racers (ie: MTB, TT, Tri). Maybe create teams for those following the same plan at the same time.

In essence you’d all be suffering together at the same time doing the same thing. Could be quite motivating and community building.



If not racing, then why not virtual group training sessions similar to an in-person spin class? Sounds like Peloton, right? :slight_smile:

Locally here in Dallas, all of the weekday/weekend crits and group rides are organizing those things on Zwift now. I imagine Zwift is picking up some new membership out of it too.


Looks like I may have been wrong?! I really thought they had pretty strongly said they were against moving into that space but obviously they have something cooking. I’m pretty interested in see what it is they have in the works


Ditto to that

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One bit of speculation (among many rolling in my head) is a possible connection between the “compliance” aspect of workouts (that they have hinted at) and using that as one (of many?) way to “score” riders against themselves in prior efforts, the “ideal” workout, and even other riders.


I love this, and as weird as this sounds, I would hope it would be as graphically minimal as the current TR app. Maybe each rider is represented as a single numbered box, then a white outline showing the “draft zone”. Your “speed” is then a function only of %FTP and if you’re in the draft zone or not. Like literally something that you could run on an Atari 2600. I would LOVE that!



How about preliminary roll-out dates so everyone can have something to look forward to? :slight_smile:

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You’d know who would win just based on FTP setting before it even began! :laughing:

A social component to TR could really help with compliance. Doesn’t have to be complex. Even something simple like a Strava group that starts base at the same time. Anything that gets people on the bike. I love the ideas in this thread and the other one trying to get Coach Chad to lead virtual sessions (fueled by IPA). :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to whatever it is. I did try to organize unoffical TR workouts via Zwift a month or so back (run TR and have zwift in background) with the meetup function. The max people we had was 3 at one time.

Maybe it was timing but would rather do something just on TR.

TR members are the last ones I want to race. lol


yeah, but that doesn’t really matter. It’s the workout YOU get that’s important. The real racing outside is what matters.

Please don’t make it a virtual world with zwift type weirdness floating around and all the crappy sounds that they incorporate into their product. Drives me nuts! No avatar, just a dot and a oval circuit, perfect.