Group Workouts Coming to Mobile?

Any update on whether/when group workouts will be coming to mobile? My understanding is that currently all participants need to be on a Mac or PC. Is that correct?

That’s correct, I don’t think there’s any immediate plans for mobile support, they’re getting out the updated iOS and Android apps before they work on integrating group workouts, so it might be a ways away.

It’s too bad, though, my club is organizing workouts and going to try to do the group workouts via zwift (not me, I’m all about TR plans). I tried to sell them on using TR for the group workouts and I think at least a couple of people are bummed the mobile apps don’t support the group workouts yet. Oh well!

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I would like to see it to mobile too, but I’m not sure how big the user base on mobile is (vs desktop).
For me mobile works great with a garmin mount sticker case and the TV for netflix, I don’t need a desk or other way to setup my laptop.
I have done a few group rides with my laptop but it’s a bit too much hassle in my case, but I guess most people will have a desk for a laptop or desktop anyway.

I also wonder if TR will work on the new android TV chromecast, that would be a cheap way to get TR on the big screen without additional devices

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Hey nvalphen,
I use mobile for TR, too, with a TV for movies, music, etc. Even though I have a laptop nearby, not everyone has one for group workouts.

This is correct. We definitely have some higher priority fixes and updates before working this into the roadmap, but we definitely hear you all and can assure you we plan to incorporate this feature!