Group Ramp Test Coming Soon?

From YouTube Next week looks like a good week already.


Via FB events:

How handy, I have the day off, and next week is the start of my next phase… and I need to do a Ramp too :smiley:


Oh man, I can’t wait to see this.

This would suck and be awesome in equal measure.

I did a group ramp test with a club and encouragement sure can push you on.

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For the past two years, I’ve been doing ramp tests on a trainer in resistance mode with two to six friends. We post the ramp steps (in %) on a board and have a timer going off every minute. It has been awesome…

The natural competitive nature of all of us means you never want to be the first person to cave and when there are only two riders left, it gets epic. Even better is having your buddies cheering you on after they’ve had 30 seconds to catch their breath. I’ve definitely hit my max HR in this environment and wondered if I was going to pass out by the end.

Edit: Been doing these in our gym’s spin room using Keiser M3i bikes. They are dumb bikes, but as long as we use the same bike for every workout, we can treat their power meters as “accurate” for workouts. And we can export the workout files for analysis.

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