Grinding using assioma duo pedals

Just wondered if anyone has any additional thoughts.

I’ve noticed a grinding feeling on my left pedal. Things I’ve done so far are:

Swapped shoes and cleats so it can’t be those. I’ve tried the both shoes and tested with a pair of Look Keo pedals…no grinding.
Favero posted me out a new spindle due to strange readings. The grinding still exists with the new spindle.
I’ve swapped the bearings on both sides. Still grinding.
I’ve put my pedals on a second bike. Still grinding.
I’ve sprayed a touch of wd40 and tightened the cleat springs. Still grinding despite it being very tight.

The only thing that remains the same is the pedal body. I just don’t know why that would cause grinding.

If the bearing seat is damaged or the body is bent so the inner and outer bearings aren’t quite aligned, that would cause grinding. Or there could be dirt in there, though I expect you’d notice when you swapped the bearings.

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Greased the threads?

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I did

No dirt at all.

The grinding is less when the pedal springs are really tight. I might just end up swapping the pedal body too. It is slightly annoying.