Texas Chainring Massacre 2019

To the user who sported their TR kit this weekend for the event…bravo!

Kevin has two out of focus shots of you on the Facebook event page, otherwise I’d tag you here.


It wasn’t me and I missed the guy in the TR kit but I did really enjoy the TCM 100k route.

Big thanks to TrainerRoad for getting me to the finish. I was off the bike injured for a year. Started riding again in August 2018 and of course I was in terrible shape. It took things easy to avoid re-injury starting with TBLV and then SSB. My goal was to be back in reasonable riding shape in 6 months with this race as a target. Mission accomplished - thanks TR!


Glad to hear you were able to train yourself back to race shape with TR! Have an awesome season!

Just looking at the results from this race…some big names on this start list. DK winner Mat Stephens. Best rider to never win DK Mike Sencenbaugh. Red Hook Ace Colin Strickland. That looks like quite a gravel race.

Yeah. I unfortunately was unable to make it due to a family camping trip. From those who raced it said it was a great event. The race coordinator has a dozen gravel events throughout Texas. I’m new to the Texas Gravel scene, but plan to compete in some of them later this year.

Here’s a pretty good write-up on the event. This was my first gravel event/race and it was a blast. Pretty cold at the start but some really fun stretches of road and nice scenery. I alternated between riding with groups and by myself, ran into some friends here and there, and got a really good workout out of it.

I finished second in my age group (22nd overall in the C race) and got the recommendation in results to upgrade to the B race next time. LOL. I only did the C race cause it was my first attempt at gravel.

Can’t wait for the next one!


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Fantastic! I look forward to future Spinistry events.

Yep. Texas Chainring Massacre is kind of like NorTX Gravel 101. If you want some upper level courses try Red River Riot. Or, my favorite, The Dirty Fury…Kinder Mountain, Flat Rock Hill, Cement Mountain…awesome fun. And that’s just one stage.

A gravel time trial? How can that NOT be fun?

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