First open gravel win

First gravel race of 2020 after completing mvssb1 & 2 and repeating currently in mvssb2.

Rolled away at mile 3. After a few mins one other guy made it up to me. we stayed together for 30 miles then he flatted and then I found myself alone in crosswinds for the last 28 miles. Wish I had read the article TR posted I was tense and couldn’t comfortable.

Take aways: Bring more solid food and 1 bottle of water not two bottles of mix. I had a mix of cliff and sis gels. One bottle of sis beta fuel and one bottle of asend mix. My stomach was hurting bad at the end I thought I was gonna puke.

Gear: 2019 crux with 38c pathfinders 53/36 11-34 gearing.

Weather: 40-50 degrees 15-20 mph winds.

Next event: chain ring massacre in north Texas. Anyone else going?


Absolutely awesome :sunglasses:

Congratulations and well done :+1:t2:

Any photos?

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Congrats on the win!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I wish it’s a really pretty part of Texas but these are smaller events and no photographers make it out.