Grand Theft Auto...Zwift killer? In game cycling. Crazy

Wonder when they are going to introduce the E-Bike to zwift for the people who just want to enjoy the view. :yum:

I believe at least one of these already exists as a released product. For fun, can you guess which virtual cycling app I’m referring to and which engine it uses? Bit of a trick question as it’s not front and centre on their website :slight_smile: I’m not referring to The Rivet btw (

The Tacx “VR” mode, that was part of TTS (ah, the pleasures of getting that to run in a stable way…), used a 3rd-party gaming engine. That was something like 10 years ago, and it had graphics quality pretty much equal to Zwift now. Only ran on PCs though. Win 7, if that can help you date it.

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Nice :slight_smile: I was thinking of RGT (Road Grand Tours) which is made with Unity:

Guess which engine Tacx used…

This is in… 2011 or so.


Lots of info here.

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This (GTA mod) looks cool and I can’t wait to try it.

I’m not sure it’s a zwift killer though. It’s my belief that the main thing that zwift need to do to maintain success is cut down any the barriers to entry to make it mainstream. That means making sure it runs on 10 year old laptops and mid-range smartphones.

But I suppose zwift can’t just carry on using the same game engine forever?

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The issue with Zwift is that they started with an in-house game engine - that makes all development arduous, and recruitment even more arduous. All young devs are experienced with Unity and/or UE, and want those on their resumes. And cross-platform compatibility has to be done from scratch as well, rather than benefiting from improvements and optimizations from other engine users.

This said, the underlying argument is that a large segment of Zwift users run it on integrated GPU/CPUs in less-than-recent laptops. That’s not a problem that’s unique to them, however. RGT runs on Unity, and so did Tacx’s VR mode in TTS.

A recent job ad from Zwift; note the part about “You would be working on a custom engine by using C and C++”:

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Yeah it’s a tricky one. In a previous job we were considering switching engines for a new project. One of the potential upsides of adopting a more popular engine was that it would make hiring and/or outsourcing easier.

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Is there any chance that elite sterzo would be work as a normal gamepad, so that we can use it with GT Bike V mod?

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There is also a Mod for Assetto Corsa. Your power is used to model the speed of the car with a simple physics model (Weight, Air Resistance, Road Grade, Rolling Resistance). You can drive every track of Assetto Corsa. The Steering is automatic or you can use your phone (Gyro).

Still in an early stage, but I will give it a try to let it run together with my TR workout today.
Nice Graphics, I love riding on Race Tracks and no monthly subscription needed…