GPlama's YouTube Channel taken down

He has addressed his revenue before, and it pretty much just allows him to buy his “toys,” i.e. the new GoPro 7, the green screen, etc.

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@Grasschopper Solid reference!:rofl:


Looks up for me as well. :+1:

The site banner appears to be missing but all the rest of the content is there!

I’ve just looked and it appear to be there.

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YT have reinstated the channel and allowed access to all content again… Woohoo… Looks like we can all put our digital pitchforks away!

If I were him I’d still take all my content elsewhere though…

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I’ll just gently rest mine in the corner for easy access. :wink:


Just catching up on this. My anger spiked reading the first few posts. Perhaps cardiac drift. Lol.
Then settled as the final few comments reported normal service had resumed. I love his work. As others have said I’ve used his videos for buyers guides, tech support and just entertainment.


Thanks for the support everyone.

I’ve had zero dialogue with YouTube, so I’m still in the dark. I had a single channel strike the other day on two-year-old videos which I disputed (unsuccessfully). From what I can work out, I mentioned how to listen to my Lama Live chat videos in MP3 and told people to alt-tab and listen in the background. That was one technical strike (still speculation, I don’t really know).

YouTube upheld their strike so I was under a three month live stream ban and no new features rolled out to my channel. I was happy to wear that and move on quietly. I don’t do drama.

10pm last night two more strikes were applied in quick succession which resulted in my channel being terminated. As in deleted. As in the same punishment as straight up black and white violations of their ToS. Think of the worst possible content on the Internet posted to YouTube kind of account termination. Ludicrous.

I have no further information as to why. A single strike is classified as an ‘event’… so telling people how to listen to my content was only one strike. The other two… no idea. It’s not a music strike, I’m all clear there. Not a duplication strike, good there too. The channel is tidier than a dentist’s toilet… who brushes after every meal. Wait. Wrong analogy.

700+ vids. 70,000 subs, 17.5million views. 135 years of watch time. A well maintained channel community. Every question answered. Every thing squared up. (daily maintenance aside from content creation is 60-90mins). GONE.

So rather than keep quiet - I cranked out a few social media posts. That lit up. Ray Maker (who I consider a good friend) posted his 2c. I took a sleeping tablet and forgot about it… (true story, but don’t do drugs kids!)

I had a great sleep. I really did forget what had taken place. I woke up today with my phone alight. The Internet had spoken. From Slowtwitch, to Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, even here. Only after that outcry YouTube support reactivated my account. A lot of the content is 360p resolution. So that’s had a negative impact. As well as their message during the outage with a link to unsubscribe. I lost a few subscribers, and will no doubt lost a few more due to this unwanted off-topic drama.

At this point, I’ve still had no contact with YouTube. I’ve requested a review, a call, an email, anything. Something human. They don’t do human. Not unless you’ve been assigned an account manager. Even with a channel my size, I’m not allowed to escalate or have any further review.

That’s the lot of it. YouTube took action to remove me from their platform. They have not specified why. The reinstatement appears to be forced. It’s kind of like showing up for work when the boss fired you, but you sued and got your job back. It’s all kinds of awkward. They don’t want me there.

I’ll own this 100%. Total reliance on YouTube is too risky. Thankfully my eggs are not placed all in this one toilet. Wait… that sleeping pill has really screwed my analogy capabilities.

Again, thanks everyone for the show of support. And I apologise for the lama drama. It’s amazing to see the community come together and force an outcome. It was something I was unable to do alone.



Glad we could help Shane! Hopefully YT gets their head out of their toilet (:laughing:) and gives you the explanation you deserve.

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I’ve enjoyed your content for a few years without subscribing but did so yesterday when your account reappeared so there’s an extra one to counteract some of the other losses :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I hope you’re able to sort an alternative outlet that leaves you less susceptible moving forward.


Another one here who has deliberately subscribed to Shane’s channel in the wake of this drama.


LOL and that’s why I love listening to all things Lama!

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Psssst. Read the thread first before you reply :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It’s great that the community support has given youtube enough of a kick to get the GPlama channel back up. It seems that YouTube are a law unto themselves. They killed the channel my wife’s charity uses in a similar fashion a few weeks ago. She appealed - denied. The end.
I guess we’ll have to try to find an archive of the videos she’s posted somewhere, host them elsewhere, and then update any part of the sites that link to them. It’s gonna take hours and hours that we don’t have spare right now. :frowning:

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I just subscribed, hadn’t bothered to before.

Thanks for all the content Llama - keep it coming (maybe backed up on vimeo or some other platform).

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I find this unbelievable. So glad your account has been reinstated but you need an explanation.

I’m a YouTuber myself - albeit with a fraction of Shane’s following. But it’s very concerning to invest so much time into something - to think that it could be taken away in an instant. Really puts me off.

Keep it up Shane and hope you get to understand how this possibly could have happened.

Curious. What is the significance of the single ‘L’?