Good deal on used Venge?

So… I’ve been looking in to getting a new Venge Pro but the only 61 frame available is the shimano set up but really wanted to go with sram. Came across this on pros closet:

Anyone have any experience buying through them?

Any possible cons on buying this used, does Specialized warranty still apply?

Warranty does not apply but the website is legit


I’ve purchased quite a few parts from them. They’re a good operation. Almost bought a bike but it sold before I could make up my mind to pull the trigger…

I’ve bought and sold bikes with them. Legit and easy to deal with.

IMO $6700 seems to be on the high side for a used bike that originally cost $8000 when you consider that you forgo the lifetime warranty on the frame.

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Yeah that’s kind of what I’m thinking, considering the no warranty part.

The Pros Closet has a premium over the market value because it’s 1) a legit middleman and 2) recognized name. You’re definitely going to find better deals on eBay/Craigslist. Regardless, I can’t think of any manufacturer (and certainly no private party) that will honor a secondhand frame warranty.


I see Pros Closet listings frequently on ebay. They seem to have a strategy of starting high - like way too high and then lowering the price after it doesn’t sell. Maybe the people that consign with them set the initial price?

I was looking at a Salsa Cutthroat the other day. The Pros Closet has one on ebay for $2677 + $99 shipping. A new one from Salsa goes for $2699 MSRP and I’m sure I could get a discount if I went and put the order in at my local shop.


I agree… I got my old Shiv TT through TPC and I basically waited a few weeks for the price to drop by several hundred, then made them an offer on eBay for even less and they accepted. I think they’re usually pretty optimistic with their starting price, and are generally pretty flexible.

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They’re a bit high in general but it seems they’re now using some sort of formula to manage prices.

I was watching a few of their bikes this winter and the prices went up and down quite a few times and always by odd amounts. Guessing they crunch selling prices on eBay on some sort of schedule.