Second hand pro bikes

Wondered if anyone has bought a second hand pro bike? Thinking of pro bike closet, and recently seen some on the Canyon outlet. Anything to be aware of or something I should consider?

I would try and get a bike from a manufacturers outlet or a bike shop demo bike. Reason being you will be able to get the warranty!

I would rather buy a second hand bike from a private person than the pro’s closet. If you feel confident looking over the bike. Pro’s closet is just a middle man. You sell your bike to them, they sell it to someone else. They have to make a proft, so you typically pay more.

Thanks for that, and good point about the middle man.

So would you say bikes sold in manufacturers outlets are a fairly safe bet? Including second hand pro bikes?

To clarify I’m less bothered by the pro aspect but wondered if there would be anything to consider given it would have been ridden by a pro for a season.

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I think it depends. If the manufacturer’s outlet bikes comes with warranty, then I would say yes!
Most bike brands limits the warranty to the original customer. A lot of companies today offer lifetime warranty, which I find extremely valuable. Especially on a mountainbike.

So if you can get a used/outlet bike with warranty for a good price - go for it! (that’s how I got mine)

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My buddy just got a great deal on a Canyon Ultimate with DA and carbon DT Swiss wheels from ProsCloset. Its in excellent condition. I’m under the impression they are just a middleman like someone said, but they seem to have quality stuff on the site so I don’t mind if they make some money :man_shrugging:t3: