Has Anyone Used "The Pro's Closet" to Sell a Road Bike?

So I’m looking to sell my old road bike, and looking for a pretty quick way. Has anyone used The Pros Closest? Other suggestions?

I’m having zero luck selling my wife’s bike on Craiglist, so not thinking that’s the route for my road bike

Market is hot now. FB marketplace is good too


I sold a bike a few months ago through ebay. I got a quote from pros closet that was (understandably) significantly under what I thought it would be worth elsewhere. I can’t handle the hassle of craigslist so I listed on ebay and started the auction at a super low number. I figured I’d get market rate, and I think it worked out that way. I ended up getting about 30% more this way than the pros closet offer, once I netted out the shipping, bike shop fees to box it up, and ebay/paypal fees.
I guess it’ll be different per bike, if there’s weird componentry or gearing or sizing, and if the bike is super valuable or something. Mine was a caad 12 in a 56 so fairly standard and in-demand non-super-expensive bike.
Hope that info is helpful.


The Pro’s Closet is simply the CarMax of the bike world. They generally buy super low and sell above market. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you know that’s the deal. I have not sold bikes to them but have a friend that has sold two. Everything worked out great in the sense that he got his money quick and there were very minimal (dare I say none) hassles. Of course, once TPC got his bikes they promptly tuned and washed it, took some nice pictures and then listed them for close to 40% more than they gave him. One sold fairly quickly and the other took quite awhile to sell (may actually still be at TPC - haven’t checked in awhile).


I’d give them a shot, it’s pretty easy to get a quote. My co-worker sold his mountain bike to them and factoring in the zero hassle factor I was very surprised at what they offered him. It was more than I though the bike was worth on the local user market.

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I totally get that. I submitted my bike, and will see what they offer. I’m willing to trade immediacy & convenience for some amount of $$$. Well maybe $$ :rofl:

I sold to them and it was painless. Very quick turnaround to cash in my pocket. Especially if you have someone who can box/ship the bike.


I follow a couple of Cycling buy/sell groups on FB. The amount some people are listing their bikes for is stupid. But if the bike sells, more power to them I suppose.

The Allez Sprint owners appear to be the worst.

I’d check out your FB groups near you if you have one.


I second the allez sprint group! Love the bike lines (minus the weld bumps) but an aluminum bike going for 3500 or 4500 blows my mind.


My problem is I gave up FB as I consider it a seditious corporation. And I’m only half joking with the word seditious


Ugh. Turned down by The Pros Closest because they have too many Ti bikes at the moment :confused::skull:

Totally with you on FB. The only reason I haven’t completely given up on it is a couple of the groups I ride with organize rides via FB. I generally stay off of it until Thursday evening or Friday morning to see what the discussion is for the upcoming weekend rides.


I had the same thing with an organization I was an ambassador with. When I didn’t renew for the following year, my last reason for needing to be on FB disappeared, so I dropped it.

Side rant/: I really hate businesses that have their only forum / interaction on FB. As a customer, don’t force me to use a platform whose values are against everything I believe in. /rant over


I was looking at a used Lynskey on Pro’s closet. They were asking for more than a brand new Lynskey of the same model and with the same specs after Lynskey’s normal 20% off sale.


I sold 4 bikes on ebay last year and did better than expected. It’s been a hot market as someone else has already mentioned. If you’re willing to pay them 10%. plus paypal’s ding, you’re okay with bike-packing, and can take some decent photos, then as far as I can tell it’s the best thing available. If it’s a bike that fewer people understand, I’d do a Buy-it-Now price (allowing offers), so you don’t get killed by the lack of bidders. Good luck! Upgrading usually feels pretty good once it’s all over. : )


Just wanted to share my experience since I just sold a road bike via Pro’s Closet. I tried selling on PinkBike and only got lowball offers or people who wanted me to ship from US to Canada. I didn’t want to go that route because shipping and customs was $500 or so on a bike I was trying to sell for around $2500. Mine was probably a tougher sell than most because it was a big bike…I bet a 54/56 would have sold overnight.

I got a very fair offer from Pros Closet that was only a few hundred less than I’d listed the bike for on Pinkbike, they sent the prepaid label, I shipped in a free box from my LBS, and I had my money 2 days after they got it.

I checked the site to see what they’re selling it for, and the markup isn’t as huge as I thought it would be especially since they cover my shipping. I promise I’m not a shill for them or anything, but it was an easy, painless and fair process all around.

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I just used them and think they are worth it for a no hassle option. Pictured with highlights Orbea Ordu with ENVE 7.8ses, Quarq Riken, eTap Aero group except Force 22 crank, Vision Trimax carbon base bar and brakes…

PC came back with three options:

  1. $3965 store credit at pros closet.com
  2. $3620 for trade up option at participating dealers
  3. $3450 cash via paypal

They pay for shipping. It’s a painless, simple option. I think their estimates are spot on and would recommend doing business with them. I ended up keeping the bike but, it’s nice to know I have this an an option if I get the balls to sell.


Pros Closet is great if you want to sell complete.

Oddly enough, you can usually get a ton more if you part out any bike since the market for each individual component is larger than when it’s all put together.

I usually will get around 20-30% more after selling all the parts rather than complete.

I’ve gotten a couple of free framesets by parting out bikes.

I’d rather be set on fire, pushed down a hill with no brakes and crash into a wall. Long ago I played that game but, now the buyers seem to think it’s my responsibility to drive to them, wash their car, pay all the paypal fees etc…not to mention endless questions if the part will be compatible with XXX, etc…I could go on. Thankfully I don’t need the money. Sorry for the rant. Not aimed at you per se.