Good article on respiratory training

Been using TR a few months now and have been doing mainly sweetspot stuff following knee surgery. I noted a lot of the workouts advocated deep rythmic belly breathing which I started practicing.
I am now in week 3 of sustained power build and noticed that even though I am working at a high level (confirmed by my high HR) I have been able to maintain rythmic breathing and not get into my old habit of panting like rabid dog. Needles to say this helps massively when doing the workouts.

Anyway I saw this article which struck a chord with me and thought others may find it useful.

What are others experiences with breath training?

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I have also focused on my breathing on all my workouts.

The onscreen reminders were very helpful in the beginning, and now I seem to remember to belly breathe unprompted. I also try to consciously engage my diaphragm two or three times a day, and this seems to be helping, too.

I had a tendency to pant a lot, too, if anything breathing more slowly (or at least trying) make the workouts easier.

Will definitely check the link!



Funny you should mention breathing more slowly… I have noticed this too and I find it helps to keep me more relaxed. Nice to know it’s not just me!