Breathing problems

During workouts and after workouts, I have problem with my breathing. When relaxing on the evening, I often have to fill my lungs, so people around me wonder if all is OK. During workouts, I have problems filling my lungs, so I have to take focus on breathing. I consider myself in good shape, FTP 250 and 79 kg. I have been in very good shape earlier, and with a long break I started training myself again. Sometimes it feels like the muscles develop faster, demanding more oxygen than I can provide. I have not astma or anything else…

Speak with your doctor, this is not normal.


Agreed with previous reply. I would go and see my physician.

consider isocapnic breath training. I think you would benefit.

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Thanks @Brennus, I don’t even know what that means, but being I have cleared astma or other illnesses, it points in direction of some breathing exercises. It might be a constraint or “lock up” while breathing during workout also. Considering going to a lab…

100% go see a physician.

Assuming you are cleared, this is something I deal with as well. For me, the two primary contributors are anxiety and bloating (sometimes they feed off each other). On the bike it happens far more often when I am on the trainer vs. outdoors. When I am on the trainer, I am much more aware of my breathing because there is little else to distract me.

Bloating can restrict the diaphragm, making it harder to get that really deep breath.

Overtime I have greatly reduced my need for these deep breaths. One way was to identify/avoid foods that cause bloating. The second way is to focus on belly breathing. I used to use my neck muscles far too much in my breathing and this makes it harder to get a full, deep breath.

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