Golden State Race Series - Is there an omnium?

I’m trying to find out if the Golden State Race Series next weekend has omnium/stage race points or not. There are some people in the office that remember stage race points but I can’t find anything on their site that mentions it.

Also, do you know if you have to do the TTT to get the points?

No, it is just two separate races as far as upgrade points are concerned. I double checked the usac results page from last year
It only lists two separate races, no overall/stage/omnium ranking the way a stage race or omnium would. The prizes and jersey are only for the weekend, not apparently reported to usac. Maybe way back when they did stage race points, but not the last couple of years.

The TTT is not a part of the series placement. Purely for fun. It’s a blast to do.
If you look at the flyer you can see that the prizes for the TTT are separate from the series prizes, since the TTT is only separated by sex, while the rest of the series is based off of category.

I’ll be there!