Omnium, Should I do the TT or skip it?

So first race weekend of the year (B race). This is a three stage time based Omnium, not a “Stage Race”, so there is no requirement to do all three stages . First stage Saturday morning is a 8 mile TT, followed by a 45 min Crit @ 12:30 then a RR on Sunday. I hate TT’s with a passion and will most likely not be in the GC contention because of my TT’ing prowess. So should I bother with the TT or go into the Crit with fresher legs?

Side note: I do have a Stage Race next month that a decent TT will be needed. So an option would be to just do this TT at a reasonable pace and just work on position.


If I were you I’d do the ITT to practice pacing and position for the upcoming stage race.

Again if me, in regards to the omnium, if an 8 mile effort wiped me out for the criterium, the 8 mile ITT is not the problem. Usually in this situation the ITT helps my crit…


I think it depends on what is more important to you. Are the crit and RR from this Omnium more important or is the later Stage Race? If the Crit and RR are then I would skip the TT and focus on those. But if the Stage Race is then use this weekend and the TT to work on pacing, position, fueling, etc as act as if its a rehearsal for the Stage Race.

Is the upcoming stage race (or similar) going to be your A event for the year?

If so, use the B race to fine tune as much as you can - that includes racing all of the events and mastering the skills (both on and off the bike) that come from racing that style. The argument could be made that the TT is the most important one for you to to get the practice at given you view it as a weakness

Yeah, you are all correct damn it. I hate when logic gets in the way of my TT avoidance syndrome. :slight_smile: :joy:

Thanks for the feedback!