Go To Bed Podcast

Johnathan Lee is a recent guest on a new podcast called GO TO BED. There’s a lot of good information about the start of TrainerRoad and Johnathan’s past/present.

There’s also this featuring someone else we know…

I’m probably going to get banned now.


Can you provide a direct link to the podcast?

Google gives too many results to filter through easily.


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Listening to it now. Interesting.

Today has been a struggle - no clue who is in the cougarlicious video game.

Hint, It’s a slot machine, not a video game.


:hot_face: I should not type before I finished the podcast. Duh.

Oh boy haha

@Nate_Pearson the bait

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The Cougarlicious things has been an easter egg for a while now. I’m not sure any of those slot machines are out there anymore, but it was always fun to find one and snap a picture. :wink:

Alex and JP are good friends of mine from my moto days, and great guys in general. It was fun to help out.

One thing I want to mention on here is that I said the number of workouts in that podcast. I think we are 50m instead.


The podcast was really interesting! And, I found it funny that they stated YOU made them prepare for the podcast. The thing that’s always impressed me about the TR podcast is how well organized you are. The first Amber Pierce episode was the one that truly made it crystal clear to me–the way you interviewed her was spectacular. I’ve listened to several other podcasts where the person clearly hadn’t done their homework, and/or was generally not a good interviewer, and it’s just boring. The other podcast that sticks out in my mind was the Ted King/Jason Gay interview on Ted King’s podcast. That was probably one of the other best podcast episodes I’ve ever heard: two fantastic interviewers basically interviewing each other. (Ted King is usually pretty good, generally speaking, but that one was just outstanding.)

Anyway, all of this is a roundabout way of saying that I have been very impressed, and am happy to finally have the chance to say this. :slight_smile: It’s what keeps the TR podcast so good. Thanks very much for everything you do!!

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There’s a promotional video out there where I act as Nate the Bait!!

Check out that shirt! :sunglasses:

I didn’t know you had your own Twitter and everything… https://twitter.com/natethebait


My God…

@Nate_Pearson, did you at least seal the deal with the cougar that hit you with the grill?

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This is amazing, I feel like I need to know more!

Best video on YouTube

I had just started to date my soon to be wife, so I was unavailable :smiley:.


Great podcast @Jonathan. Interesting history and great explanations throughout.