Go super-light or skip?

So I’m a newbie here, and at structured training, and I’m 63 so the over-training threshold seems to be pretty low. Last week was my first week of doing 3 easy workouts (and a couple walking days), the last ride being 2 days ago. Feeling a little heavy-in-the-legs today for my planned ride. Should I do a 15-minute (or whatever) easy spin to stay on schedule, or skip today and see how I feel tomorrow (which would mean I’d have to move my schedule).

I recommend getting on the bike and seeing how you feel after 15 minutes or so (and the podcast crew have repeatedly said the same thing). You might surprise yourself and be able to go a little longer. However, definitely listen to your body and pull the plug if you think you’re overdoing it.


That’s basically how I complete 100% of my VO2 workouts.


how new to cycling in general? In other words, how much cycling were you doing before taking up TrainerRoad to add structure?

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I would say warmup, nice and easy, and see.

Heavy legs after rest is normal. I find stretching helps a lot.


I’ve been cycling my whole life. Before starting this I was guilty of doing a big or hard ride once a week and then spending the week recovering.

Hey, thanks everyone! I decided to just do a Dans and see how it went. I felt good after about 5 minutes so just kept it at a little over 50% for the whole 30 minutes. (I just want to be really careful about crossing that over-training line.) The only thing that felt hard was if I tried to spin a higher cadence, so I just kept that a bit lower. Maybe that means something? At the moment just happy I got in a nice little ride. Thanks again!

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Nice! I agree with others, hop on and see how you feel. Job one in cycling is consistency, so sticking with the schedule is often best unless you are really really tired / legs are like logs. Personally I always feel better after going for a ride, even on the rare day I’m just not feeling it and then an easy spin makes me feel better. Your ability to train will increase the more you train, I’m only a few years behind you and usually do 5 workouts outside a week. I know some guys in late 60s and they are really strong and fast, because they have been riding 3-5 days a week for 10 or 20 years!

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I’m late to the consistency party, but glad to finally arrive! Thanks!

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