Gluten/Dairy Free Fuel Options?

Hey all!

For those of you who are gluten and dairy free, what is your go to fuel during your workout? Currently, I use Honey Stinger gel, but what else can I use to ensure my long workouts are G2G? Food? Powder?



Sugar water
Jelly sweets

If you can be bothered making them, home made rice cakes. (And oat bars, if you eat oats).

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I believe the UCAN powder is GF. My wife uses it and does not have any troubles using it. She has used it with good success for longer rides. Although, she’s one of those riders that never seems to need to fuel a lot. Unlike me, where I could use an IV drip of Malto and be looking for some bars too…LOL

UCAN is a bit pricey unfortunately, but does seem to work well (have tried it myself)…

My girlfriend is GF/DF, so I’ve learned a lot here. As you said, Honeystinger gels are great, as are the chews. For more substance, primarily, we’ll also use Skratch rice bars, Picky Bars, Honeystinger GF waffles (only some flavors), and Bobo bars. Big fans of Untapped gels, too. Honestly, sometimes the best thing to do is go to REI, Whole Foods, or a well-supplied LBS, buy a variety, and see what you like.

Currently using powder. OTE Energy Drink is both vegan and gluten free which suits me perfectly.

As you may figure out from my username, I eat a carnivore way of life (only meat/chicken/fish/pork/seafood/etc). No vegetables, fruit, breads, starches, carbs, etc. It works for me. It may/may not work for you. If you’d like to consider this way of eating, head over to If you’d like to argue about it, head over to How to stop being scared of sugar? - #12 by Foodpedaling.

Anyways, I have just discovered Fizz tablets last week (Endurolytes Fizz - Effervescent Electrolyte Replenishment | Hammer Nutrition). They’re low/zero carbs. I’ve been drinking that for just a couple days now during rides. For rides over 4 hours where I want solid food, I’ll eat some sort of beef jerky/sticks. This works for me.

Why me?

Malto/Fructose 2:1 with an electrolyte tab for flavor


Flow is gluten free.

Sorry for the late reply, but I’d like to share my two cents. During my workouts, I love munching on some banana slices and almonds for a quick energy boost. They’re easy to pack and tasty! Also, lately, I’ve added organic coconut milk powder to my routine. It’s an excellent source of healthy fats and nutrients, plus it’s a fantastic replacement for regular milk. It really fills me with energy and makes a positive impact on my workouts. I’ve been trying to eat more healthy and all natural food recently to adjust my eating habits and get that essential supply of vitamins and amino acids to boost my well-being. And I have to say, I’ve noticed a positive impact on my overall health since making these changes.