Giro Aries Spherical Helmet - Where do you put your Sunglasses?

I admit this is a 1st world problem - so skip the flames :rofl: :upside_down_face:

I just got a Giro Aries Spherical helmet as a crash replacement for my Giro Aether Spherical Helmet, but now I’m running into a problem that I cannot figure out where to put my sunglasses into the Aries and have them stay in place. Has anyone figured this out yet? If so, will you post a picture of where you are putting your sunglasses? If it helps, I’m wearing Oakley M2 glasses.

I haven’t, and I can’t do the back. Toooooo dude bro for me :rofl:

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Aries has the rubber thingies at the outer edge of the front ports, so that is the correct place for glasses according to the helmet designers.

I’ve bought two different helmets that didn’t work well with sunglasses. I’ve (hopefully) learned to make part of my try on experience bringing my cycling sunglasses with me and trying them both on my face and on top of the helmet before buying.

It’s probably just that I’ve seen too many dude bros put sunglasses on the back of their trucker hats, so whenever I see sunglasses on the back that’s the image that pops into my mind. Just an association that’s soooo burned in that I can’t get past it :upside_down_face:

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Have you seen a picture showing this?

The Giro product page lists the eywear docking ports in the features list, with a picture. However, it seems that not all product images on the page show them, which is strange.

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Thank you

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