Cuore vs Jakroo and sizing

AACC suggested both brands and I wonder if anyone has a head to head comparison. I also seem to be a shmedium. I don’t know if I should size up or down. In Specialized, the small waist feels good, but they pinch my hip flexors when I ride and the medium is ok as long as they are bibs. I was going to try a pair of the Jakroo HC bibs and Cuore gold. Found both super cheap in ugly colors.


I have a cuore kit medium bibs and small top. Just got new TR kit, went for medium bibs and small slim fit top. Bibs are same fit and would say the top is a little tighter, my cuore top is standard fit. I’m 5 8 70 kgs if that helps

Good call on the size comparison. I am 5 10 150lb. That should roughly equate to 70kg. Someone told me to size down for Coure and go for the small, but maybe not for the bibs.

I don’t know if this will pop up in someone’s search at some point, but jic, I thought I would update and say I bought Coure bibs and race jersey in small. The bibs are super stretchy and small was great. The jersey shows every imperfection, so I may have to wear it at every meal as a reminder yo eat well :slight_smile:

I will try the Jackroo on for my next ride.

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