Getting dizzy when standing up

Recently, I have found that I have been getting really dizzy/lightheaded when I stand up after any period of sitting down/lying down. It goes away after a few seconds, but I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed anything similar.

I’ve had it checked out by a doctor, and my blood pressure is textbook healthy, and my resting HR is about 45-50BPM.

I’ve noticed that it happens more often when I am training substantially more. When I was leading up to my first HM, and I was as fit as I had ever been, these dizzy spells were far more frequent. I’m building up again to my next event, and I’m noticing that they are becoming slightly more common again.

Not looking for medical advice, more just seeing if anyone else has the same sort of issue!

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I get it all the time, more so when I’m running on a razor’s edge of calorie deficit (for maintenance, not weight loss). My fittest and fastest years on the bike I experienced it the most so again, for me, it was nutrition, perhaps even a bit light on during normal work/training days, never on race days. I never worried about it because I knew why it was happening, during my off season, lighter training load, no racing, eating a bit more I don’t get it, now back in to full on training and it’s happening again. It let’s me know I’m on the right track to race form.


Typically this is considered orthostatic hypotension, which could be from minor dehydration or blood sugar levels, among other things. If it’s just here and there it’s typically not of concern; but if it starts to happen all the time then you may need to check back in your PCP.

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What is your blood pressure like? When I started training seriously, my blood pressure went from midrange normal to the low end of normal, and I was susceptible to dizziness when standing up, etc. I pay more attention to my hydration all day, and increased my salt consumption (bonus: a revelation for the flavor of vegetables), and it’s much better now.

Are you sure its not vertigo instead of dizziness? I used to have this happen when my ear rocks would shift.

I get this frequently but haven’t been able to pinpoint the reason why. Was real bad once and I fell over but all checks with docs came up with nothing wrong.
Thought I might be diabetic or something but no.

I experience the same thing from time to time. My cardiologist said it’s related to dehydration. I would suggest increasing your fluid intake and if the symptoms persist seek medical advice.

It’s not uncommon for the people adjusting to a low carb diet to experience the same symptoms. The fix in this case is to increase salt intake.

What’s your diet like?

I’ve experienced this same thing and I attribute it to my diet not being dialed. I eat really well but at that time when I was having these same symptoms I was running a bit leaner than usual on the calorie intake.

Yes, I also sometimes experience lightheadedness when quickly standing from a prone position. It goes away quickly, but sometimes I have to pause for a few seconds to gather myself. I always figured it was due to my low resting heart rate, which is in the low 40’s.

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it happens to me quite a lot. BP is fine and always has been. I attribute it to dehydration.

Happens to me all the time, the fitter I get the more it happens

Yup, had this many times, I’m suspicious it maybe a temporary iron deficiency. Nothing to back this up except eating a meal containing lots of iron makes a world of difference. Although like others have mentioned, it maybe I’m on the wrong side of a calorie deficit and that meal righted the balance.

I do get this as well, at times less, or more. Sometimes need to stop moving and hold something to prevent collapsing, it clears in few seconds. I think the effect and cause are so much delayed, that it is hard to trace back in time the real cause. Tests come out fine.
Many claim it is dehydration. I think it is lack of some kind of minerals and dehydration. But have never got to the bottom of this. In more severe cases I get a migraine as a bonus.

I get it a lot too. It does seem to coincide with increased training.

I also notice I get this a lot more exaggerated if I sit with leg over knee position for prolonged time.

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I have this pretty severely and most of the time. Orthostatic Hypotension, like others have said. It sounds like yours is situational, and may be due to dehydration/minerals or lower BP when training. For me, I have low BP and low blood volume. Adding salt/liquids help a bit, but doesn’t solve. I have to be mindful in how I get up. I get it most severely when going from squatting to standing – where it has been explained to me that normally in this situation your body would slowly release the blood back down into your legs, but with OH it all wooshes down at once, creating a temporary lack of blood in your head.

I suspect for me it is also related to some low level auto-immune issues. I also have Reynaud’s (body’s over reaction to cold, causing vessels in fingers and toes to shut down) and some other auto-immune related conditions.

Given the OP’s description, I don’t think my situation applies, but wanted to share my condition, since many posters mention they have it too.

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Happens to me couple times a day, usually if I get up too fast. It’s gone in a few seconds. Haven’t found a rhythm or reason for it.

Sounds similar to me, had a few trembling leg moments. As you say sometimes more frequently sometimes less.

Just a question for all, is everyone suffering this tall? I’m 6’3 and not sure if this is linked?

I read an article about this, and it happens to me as well …

Don’t have time to dig up the link right now, but it has to do with you vascular system dilating when training, and then as your heart rate decreases after you’re done working out your vein/arteries are still expanded and it takes much more pressure to push blood through them when your HR isn’t elevated.

Once your arteries contract for normal blood flow it goes away.

Nothing to worry about as long as you’ve been checked by a doctor.

Like others I get this from time to time and always after some really hard training. Gone by the next morning. When it happens I usually stand up carefully, gather my thoughts before moving.

Height: 6.0 ft, Age: 57