Low Blood Pressure at Peak Fitness

Firstly, yes I should speak to a doctor but it’s not of any major concern as I’ve lived with it for a long time…

Does anyone here notice their blood pressure getting particularly low as they get to near their peak fitness? Looking back over the years of training for events I can always associate struggling with light headedness / near blackouts when I get closer to peak fitness.

First time I realised it could be a problem was when I passed out after taking a leak one night (post-micturition syncope) to find my horrified wife trying to revive me. Since then I’ve always been sure to use the toilet sitting down if I need to go at night! Similar sort of thing if I’ve been relaxing on the sofa, if I get up too fast then I’ve often had to take a knee to ensure that I don’t come crashing down.

Definitely not a problem when less fit, and oddly doesn’t seem to be weight related as I’ve had it at various bodyweights / fat levels… but always when I’m close to peak fitness.

Anyone else get anything similar?

Yep, me too. During loading weeks BP hovers around 105/65, at the end of rest week 115/75. No blackouts but during Sweetspot Base HV felt light-headed when standing up. Interestingly, haven’t felt it with Traditional Base HV although BP fluctuation has same pattern depending on week.

IIRC, Amber did deep-dive on light-headedness topic in one of TR podcasts.
EDIT: Why Cycling Training Can Make You Lightheaded (Ask a Cycling Coach 267) - YouTube


Cheers, should be interesting.

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I’d say, many of us probably experience this. I think it happens to me more when I’m leaner as well.


Yes, the same for me and as stated above I assume for most.

When we lived in NM at 4000 feet I noticed this a lot more. I’d get up out of chair and then be leaning against the wall the next second. Fortunately, I never passed out. We moved to 900 feet elevation and I notice it much less now.

To combat this, I learned to get up off the couch slowly. Scoot towards the edge, sit up straight, pause, and then rise slowly. Seemed to work for me.

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I’ve been doing the g-force prep isometric contractions / breathing. lol

It’s a thing called orthostatic hypotension and it was discussed already in the forum. I observe it also every year during peak fitness period.


I notice this the day after a long hard ride or day after a hard workout. Every time i get up the whole next day. I have never hit the floor but always grab something because i know its coming. I usually try to tighten my abs and grit my teeth for a few seconds to try and keep the blood from rushing to my feet. As people have said Amber did a deep dive on the topic. Well worth a listen

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Yes this is a common problem with very fit people. If you are sitting and then stand up after a period of time, you may feel dizzy. It is due to your low heart rate and standing up fast. Since I have increased my salt intake this problem has been better.

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