Getting back to training after 5 Months

Any advice on how to start training before hopping on TR?

I did 30 mins today and felt very lightheaded

Please advise

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What intensity/workout? Why have you been off the bike?

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New born, helping my wife and business.

Was keeping at at zone 2 and 3

If you’re otherwise in good health, then there’s no need to train to start training - just get started. Make sure you’re adequately rested and fuelled before the first few workouts, and see how you go.

What plan did you pick? (Or did Plan Builder pick for you)

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See… this is what frightens the heck out of me: having kids: not. training. not. sleeping. for months.

sigh… whats wrong with me?

anyways, respect for getting in the saddle again! but what do you mean specifically by “light headed”?

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Like what @wysbf2 said you don’t need to train to start training. My initial question would be how you determined your FTP. If 30 min of Z2-3 leaves you lightheaded then perhaps your FTP is set too high. You could also be sick but just not showing symptoms yet. Most people start with Sweet Spot Base. It is a good starting point and if you have an accurate FTP it should be doable. Look at the minus versions of workouts and sub out shorter workouts if you struggle at first. You can also check the time crunched plans.

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for now keeping it between Z2 and Z3 for 1 hour a day, will keep this up for another week then will start a plan.

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I’d consider starting with the traditional base plans, if I were you. I’ve seen quite a few friends turn into shells after their firstborn :sweat_smile:. I’d be inclined to take it handy and stay out of Z3 for the most part. Try to grab sleep where you can, naps are your friend :grin:.

If I were you, I would start just riding a bike with no structure at all. Some outside rides, zwift fun. Just for a couple of weeks to have a fun, feel the bike. Like during off season. After that perid test your FTP and start training. Yes, you don’t need to train to start training but why do you have to start the training from the very beginning? I was at the same boat a year ago after my crash and two surgeries. I have been riding my bike for the first 2-3 months just for fun. Mainly on my gravel bike. And I felt great. I discovered new routes, with no watts and heart rate monitor. Day by day I felt fitter and stronger with no structured plan. It’s a great time to re-discover why we started riding for the first place. But you can start a plan if you want. It’s not an issue at all. It’s all up to you :slight_smile:


You said zone 2 and 3. What FTP? if the FTP is from before the family expanded – you were NOT in zone 2 or 3.

Just start with a plan. Test (even though I absolutely HATE the ramp test) and then move forward.

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I’ve had several big layoffs and created a set of custom workouts that just get me to the point of starting SSB. It takes 4-5 weeks to get there and you shouldn’t beat yourself up.

My program starts with just doing 30 minutes. Taku was my starting point but it was hard mentally and physically. My 30 minute workout has a long center section that has 1-minute ‘work’ intervals (5% increases) in an otherwise easy block. It helps to break up the monotony. Later workouts increase the duration and the intensity of the work intervals. Toward the end of the program I have 45 minute and 60 minute workouts with work intervals approaching the lower levels of Carson.

The key to everything is to estimate your ftp correctly. I have a lot of experience so I was able to do a reasonable estimate without doing a ramp test. (My endurance was so bad that the time trial tests weren’t possible.) I’ve seen people estimate that FTP = current weight as a starting point. That would have worked for me but that may have been coincidental. 75-80% of your ‘well-trained’ FTP might also work.

I’m happy to share my workouts with you if you’d like. There are only 7 of them.