Garmin/Wahoo connections

I have a Garmin watch (as I get health insurance discounts and it has a long battery for hiking) and a Wahoo Bolt on the bike.

I’d like to have my data in one dashboard for HR and stuff like that. I know I can use intervals for my bike stuff but has anyone got a reliable method of bringing my outside rides (TR is already sync’d) in Garmin connect? Or just wait until my Bolt battery dies and stick in the Garmin ecosystem.

I can manually upload from my Wahoo folder but there might be an automated tool?

I haven’t found a reliable automated way to do this. The solutions that I have seen involve syncing your Wahoo data with Dropbox and using some utility to import from Dropbox to GC. I have seen a couple of these home made projects posted. Use at own risk.

Manually once a week it is then!
Easy enough.

My personal setup (Polar HRM + Garmin Fenix 7 + Wahoo Roam)

  • Polar is connected to Fenix as “External HR” (yes, i know Fenix itself is also HRM but external device gives also breathing rate, mildly interesting information)
  • Fenix is configured to broadcast HR
  • Fenix HRM is connected to Roam
  • Bike powermeter is connected to both Fenix and Roam

With that, I will always start workout on both devices and let Fenix sync workout data to Garmin Connect system.

Why Fenix is connected to Roam and not Polar? For long Z2 workouts, i cap intensity with HR, not power. Because it does not need to be too precise, I do not even bother wear Polar but let Fenix be sole HRM on those rides.

Additional advantage of Fenix having own workout going on: for really long rides it is like backup device in case bike computer dies.

Does Garmin Connect accept Wahoo fit/gpx files? It won’t accept fitfiletools repaired fit files despite every other platform (TR/RWGPS/STRAVA) accepting them for upload :exploding_head:

Yeah, I uploaded all my Wahoo FIT files from bike rides, runs, and triathlons and they all went in correctly, even the triathlon ones. FIT files from FORM swims and Apple Watch runs also seem to work fine.

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