Synchronize data from Wahoo HR strap to watch?

Guys: My brother just bought an $800 (or close to it) tri-bundle from Garmin. I’m not made of money, and I refuse to spend that much money on a trinket; albeit, a very cool trinket. Is there a cheap alternative to have my heartrate–via Wahoo chest strap–synch to a watch? I could care less if it’s a cheap polar watch. I just don’t want to have to carry my phone on runs, and have to look at it to see my HR. Right now, i’m mainly running indoors, so it’s not an issue for me, but soon I want to start hitting the road. I thank you folks in advance for all your recommendations.

The issue is that Polar watches use a proprietary protocol, while your Wahoo uses the industry-standard ANT+ and BT.

While not exactly “cheap”, the Garmin Forerunner 235 is a more affordable option that will allow you to pair your Wahoo heart rate strap to a watch. They can be had for a pretty good deal right now at Best Buy.

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The Forerunner 235 is a great watch. Looks buly but does exactly what you want at a good price.
Maybe you can get one second hand?
As it uses ant+ I assume it will work with a Wahoo strap - I have only ever used a Garmin or Wiggle cheapo version (Lifeline)

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I used to pair Wahoo TickrX to my Apple Watch for running activities. Took ages to get it set up, but it worked pretty well after that.

Pretty sure that @kbeers81 would call an Apple watch a very expensive trinket :slight_smile:

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No more expensive than Garmin watches. Personally, I find it a lot easier to use.

@John_Hallas i think the cost of these things are ridiculous. $750, before tax/shipping for a watch is unfathomable to me. My wife tells me just to buy it. I just can’t justify that expense

Garmin vivofit is the absolute cheapest way to do this. If you want GPS track also then you need the slightly more expensive vivosport.

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