Garmin Vector 3 loses pairing to iPad app during workout


Pedals lose pairing. During my workout on the TrainerRoad App a message appears “workout paused”. I click on the Paired Devices button on the lower right corner and re-pair the pedals. It takes some time but syncs again and then I resume workout. Today it happened no less than 10 times in a 60 min session.

Happen to anyone else? Fix?

You may need to remove or disable the garmin connect on the ipad and other devices around you that are on. Also if you have vector 3 software update app installed on your ipad or phone, you may want to uninstall that as well. It tries to update the pedals while you are riding so causes the dropouts. Lastly, you can try ant+ instead of bluetooth to see if you have any improvements.
Good luck!

Thank you.

I’d recommend reaching out to our Support Team at They are the experts on this sort of thing, and would be happy to help you troubleshoot this issue :+1:.

Try taking out the batteries and cleaning the internal contacts with rubbing alcohol on a qtip. Did this and havent had dropout since. (Garmin support recommended this)