Vector 3 using left side as single sided pedal after right side dies

Hi Folks:

I realize this might be a super stupid question. The number of questions I’ve been asking about vector 3 might be a sign from the universe that I need to find some crank based PMs to make my life easier. But here is the question:

If out of my double-sided vector 3 system, I disconnect the right side pedal (taking the battery out), can I then use the left side just like a vector 3s? I’ve got a bad battery door on my right side, see the photo below:

This has been giving me spikes in power and etc. Long term solution is of course getting garmin to send a replaced battery door, but for the short term, what do people suggest that I do?



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My right side battery compartment refused to be threaded in properly and finally the door fell out during an outdoor ride. Been riding with single side ever since.

Once the left side dies on me, I’ll look for other option. Never using Garmin power meters ever again.

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Fairly sure you can, but remember to unlink the pedals in the Garmin Connect app otherwise you’ll only get power for the left pedal broadcast without it being doubled.

I’m basing that on my setup though which is a 3S paired with a right hand upgrade pedal. Might be different if you bought them as a pair!

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I’ve done this on the odd occasion that I’ve had issues on outdoor rides. Using your Garmin head unit, go to the sensors menu, select your power sensor and unpair the right sensor, then calibrate the power meter. The left side will work fine by itself. Only issue is if you have a big left/right leg discrepancy, I’m usually 49/50 either way so works fine.

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I remember reading that this was a common problem. I’d contact Garmin support and see whether they are willing to accommodate you free of charge or for cheap. A battery door shouldn’t cost the world.

Broshane if your trying to sell them
Let me know