Garmin Varia Radar mount with D shaped seat post

Good to know!

I purchased KOM model via Amazon and it arrived with oval shaped adaptor. I, too, have D shaped seatpost. A quick msg to KOM via Amazon and they shipped me out the D shaped adaptor. They don’t advertise that they have that adaptor, but I think it should be.

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That must be new. I bought mine in early july, realized it would not work. I contacted them and they sent a return label as they did not have d-adapters. I, glad they evolved.

Probably because I keep on looking at this thread this site has repeatedly been my Instagram and Faceboke feeds.

I also had the problem of attaching my Varia well to the seat post of the Tarmac SL7. The supplied adapter does not really fit and so the Varia always twisted while driving. I therefore made my own adapter of industrial silicone. Fits perfectly and uses the original parts.


Hey guys, just wanted to update this. I would NOT recommend this solution unless you get an aluminum Go Pro arm. My plastic one broke clean off today on a ride, I’m assuming fatigue failure over time but this mount setup only lasted me about 4 months with not a ton of outside riding. I was lucky a car was behind me and saw it break off and yelled at me otherwise I might not have found it.

I’ll be investigating some of the other long term options and using the stock rubber seat post mount in the meantime.


Just a tidbit about the one I mentioned in my post above - The same one has been on my bike or bikes (MTB Included) since 2017 without failure. If you run a spesh saddle it really is a great solution.

I love that one, but I still use my SWAT mount for a flat kit. I could probably stop doing that since during this part of the season I’m running a bar bag too, but hoping to find something “permanent” that I don’t have to move around much. (Also run tubeless on my training setup so maybe I’ll stop carrying the kit at some point). Might be that, might be the sugru, might just be the stock mount with more/better bands… dunno yet.

Oh yea, good point! This saddle bag is what I run and it fits behind it nice on my setup and I run my saddle pretty far forward. It slightly curves around the seatpost and then slams against the mount.

If I need to get it off its easy to take on and off. I would be a liar however if I didnt say that with tubless tires I just carry a dynaplug and co2 and no bag a lot of times.

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Ordered the sugru. Did you guys use the seat post to mold the sugru or did you let it harden and then trim it?


I used the post and mount to mould the Sugru. I covered the post in cling film (‘Saran wrap’ in the US I think) and then shoved the Sugru into the mount and then literally mounted the mount over the cling film and wiggled it about a bit, making sure that it was nicely moulded and straight. I then just removed any major excess and left it in place to harden. I didn’t worry too much about the edges, in some ways I think a decent amount of excess is no bad thing because it’s easy to neatly trim with a sharp blade once hardened. Once it’s hardened I just removed it, peeled off the cling film and trimmed it to make it neat. No residue on the post, and nice and smooth all over!

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I’ve given up trying to make the varia horizontal - i just use the bog standard flat garmin mount now.

I actually prefer the aesthetics of it being closer to the seatpost and radar range and function does not seem to be affected as far as I can tell.

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Yeah, I’m just not there yet. I’ve been running tubeless on my training setup since late June and haven’t had need for my flat kit, just one plug and otherwise my hand pump for the couple of punctures I’ve had.

I guess I’m just convinced that as soon as I take the flat kit off I’m going to end up making the call of shame on the very next ride. :laughing:

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Lezyne road caddy is one of the smallest bags out there.

I keep 1-2 Co2s, a small pump head, single lever, glueless patches, dynaplug and a small multitool in it.

I have this one on my Tri Bike (QR five):

I don’t have much space (length) on the seat post so this seat rail mount works great .

I have a really nice older Specialized pack that’s very small and could easily hold all of that, then I would just have my hand pump to carry. But right now I have a bar bag on anyway to carry my tools and spare parts + emergency nutrition for when I’m out solo far from home. Keeps my jersey open for an extra bottle, phone, etc. I just want to keep the SWAT mount available for my flat kit for when I don’t have tubeless wheels on (like during race season).

Sugru gets here today so hopefully I’ll be able to resolve this before Friday’s long one outside.

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I used to be a ziplock flat kit in jersey all the time guy too, now half my bikes have handlebar bags and all have saddlebags. Seems like they are cool again

Handlebar bags are back “in” thanks to gravel. I don’t ride gravel, but it’s kind of fun having a handlebar bag on a Venge. I’ve basically turned my Venge into a commuter bike with an aggressive riding position. :laughing:

Waiting for a full sized frame bag “fairing” on an aero bike to show up at our hotlaps ride