Garmin Unit - Is a map screen with elevation profile a thing?

My favorite screen on my venerable Wahoo Elemnt is the map page with the elevation profile at the bottom. Do Garmin units display something similar? My searches so far have mainly returned people complaining that the setting to display a profile with the map exists, but is broken. They describe just a flat green bar, possibly because of scaling issues.

I have been anxiously awaiting the update of the Roam to replace my aging Elemnt, but DC Rainmakers nonplussed reaction is making me open to comparing the the 830.

The garmin Map page can have up to 2-customizable data fields, plus an elevation profile. The problem here is that the elevation profile is scaled to the zoom level, so if you zoomed out enough to see the entire course, the profile would show the entire course, but if you’re zoomed in to a 2 mile window, it will only show the next 1.5-2 miles of elevation profile, because of this, the profile is pretty unhelpful.

You can do an ‘Elevation Profile Page’ that would be more helpful in this regard.

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Thanks. I have a climbing page set up with on my elemnt also, but I really like seeing both on the same time, especially when on routes I am unfamiliar with. I will have to weigh how much I would hate switching pages between route and elevation before I may a switch to garmin.

it’s pretty simple with the 830/1030/1040, it’s just a swipe on the screen, unlike with the Wahoo computers and buttons.


This is from a 530 on a recent climb:


I’m not sure if that screen has color coded grades, I rarely use it on climbs.

Most climbs around here don’t involve a lot of turns or need to look at the map (IMHO), so one of my preferred screens is ClimbPro. This is one at the top of a climb on a 530:


even if there was a turn, the Garmin will pop up the directions with enough warning - I can’t remember if its an overlay, or if it temporarily switches to the map screen. You don’t need to switch between pages.

You can preview upcoming climbs like this:


I believe the 1040 has better/more gradient color coding. I prefer smaller devices so the 840 is on my radar.


Thanks for the visual. Is it that the distance displayed on the elevation profile matches that map zoom level? This would explain why on most zoom levels the map is essentially flat. On my element, the profile displays 2 miles worth of data for all zoom levels below 1 mile. This is enough linear distance to show meaning changes in elevation.

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No idea, I’m not that interested in maps on the bike computer other than a quick reference.

Most of my rides are on known routes and I’d rather be looking at this:

Default Workout Comparison Tempo

or this:


or this:


and simply let the Garmin switch to a turn view with map when one is coming up. It just beeps and I can glance down and see where/when the turn is coming up. Then it automatically goes back to the data page I was viewing.

Someone with an 830 or 1030 or 1040 might comment on the touchscreen for changing zoom. I’ve never changed the zoom level on my 530 map view, but know it involves clicking buttons. If I really want to see and review a map, I’ll stop and pull out my iPhone because its so much better than any Garmin or Wahoo computer I’ve used.

Sorry I can’t be of more help. Just wanted to make it clear I’d rather have real-time power graphs + other data, than a map, because the Garmin will switch and show me any upcoming turns and then automatically go back to what I was viewing. No button presses required.


On the 1030, the zoom is on screen. The map has a + and - on the top of the screen that you can tap.

Also, I haven’t tried it yet, but someone (maybe @GPLama ?) recently recommended the ConnectIQ Garmin Map Dashboard, which gives you more data fields.


(Pics not mine)


yes, the elevation graph is linked to the zoom level of the map.

is the elevation graph on the map page always green?

This screen:


shows the next 2 miles given it shows 0.5mile on the scale.

Sorry :rofl: bad example.

Here is one from a bug report I filed (wrong gradient):


From jonedwards Wahoo screen, it seems he wants to see the terrain changes under the map. I’ve not tried to do that, but that is available and might be able to create a custom screen with map and elevation profile. Or there might be something on Connect IQ. Or it already does it and I missed it due to map screen ignorance.

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