Bolt: Climb/Map page combined view disappeared after update, downgrade possible?


The title says it all. An earlier firmware offered an option to show map and climb on one screen, this was removed then later. I would like to have this back. Any ideas?

Was this a recent change (last few weeks) or older?

What climb info are you looking for? The side view (profile) of the climb?

There has been an option to show the climb profile on the map screen. For me this would be very helpful as I mainly look at the Map and the Climb and am constantly changing pages.
After some recent firmware update the optional combination of the screens disappeared from the App/Pages site. I think this was just removed on the Bolt, but stayed as option for Elemnt and Roam. Maybe because of the bigger screen?
I wrote to Wahoo about that too.

Are you sure that you don’t just need to scroll down or delete data fields? I didn’t see the profile option when I checked in setting for my Elemnt. So I tried deleting data fields to see if it would show up. That moved the option further up and now I could see it.

However, I am not sure that it doesn’t turn off the profile option if you have too many data fields selected. At some point it just had no room left.

Admittedly, it could be that they no longer offer it on the BOLT, but I would try the above first, since I haven’t seen anyone else mention this change

In my Android app (latest update) this option is not there… as you can see I dont have many datafields active.

Could you please post a screenshot of your page? Thx!

Below is my screen (iOS).

I would try deleting both of those data fields to see if the profile option reappears.

If not, I still wouldn’t conclude that this was a purposeful removal. It could be a bug in the phone app or the device app.

Removed the fields, not there. Ok, will try it on my iphone too.

Nope, IPhone/Companion App does also not offer me this option anymore. It is definitely gone.

I read somewhere (here on TR?) that wahoo removed it on purpose because of the smaller screen of the Bolt.
Anybody with more infos about that?

If yes, Id be disappointed: why remove something, which might be useful for some users, and is optional fpr those who dont want to use it?


Looks like it’s mentioned at the link below. So it is an older change and this likely on purpose since it’s still that way. It’s worth complaining to Wahoo support about it.

I still don’t know how to downgrade or if it’s even possible.

You could always toggle between the map and climb screens. Not ideal, but workable. Or throw money at the problem and get a ROAM.

What is your use case that you need them on the same screen?

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I moved to a different country and need Navigation, and also want to see the Elevation coming up to be able to adjust my effort accordingly. Ideally - On the same page. Toggling is crap.

I dont need any other data.

I see how that could be useful. BTW, I am not trying to tell you it’s not something you want, just offer work arounds.

I don’t think you need to be on the map screen to get navigation. IIRC (I don’t use navigation much) if you are following a route it will beep and pop up the turn directions anytime you need to turn, regardless of what page you are on. You can also configure data fields for distance to next turn and your current GPS heading. Admittedly it would be nicer to be able to see the map too, but it might be an option.

Or just swap back and forth. If there’s a significantly long climb you should have plenty of time to change the page. If you don’t have enough time to do that, then perhaps it’s not big enough to matter?

It is frustrating though when you know the technology can do what you want, but it doesn’t

Thanks, i am using the Bolt already quite some time and know about the popups. The “breadcrumb-line” guiding me just makes me feel more safe and aware of what is coming up soon… i prefer that much more to the popups…
And since I dont use the alerting sounds for navigation I might miss a popup… i have all sounds off except the Radar warnings.

I have not been riding outside in unknown territory quite some time and now that I do I wanted to reactivate the map/climb combined view and it is gone.

I inquired with Wahoo, we will see.

In case this might not come back I will definitely not upgrade. I feel this is a unnecessary move by wahoo to push people to the Roam. In such case I would rather consider a Garmin with ClimbPro, which anyway gives much more relevant info about the climb ahead.

I think it’s not something they did to try to force upgrades, because I have the original Elemnt (not the Roam), which is older than the Bolt, and they didn’t remove this feature from it.

More likely it’s due to some other limitation in the device and the choice to delete it to make way for other features (processing power or RAM constraints).

I am just wondering if I can install an old version of the Android Companion app where the option might still be included so I could toggle it on? Would this be a solution?
I dont see a way how to downgrade the firmware of the Bolt

Yeah, this is possible. Then again I understand that Original Elemnt and the Bolt share more or less the same hardware, the Bolt just being smaller. So I would be surprised it would be any hardware related issue other than the smaller screen not making this combined view useful to many users. So why not keep it optional?

Seems the classic Elemnt is not for sale anymore. Price jump to the Roam just for this software option is a bit much for me. I dont need rerouting etc.

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I believe Wahoo are launching new products next week. Speedplay pedals are definitely teasing some updates and I’ve heard rumours of the Bolt getting a colour screen so maybe you’ll find some orginal Elemnt devices being moved on. I’d suspect Elemnt users would probably upgrade to the Roam though rather than a colour screen Bolt but worth being on the lookout if that’s your preference.


Hijacking the thread, but I don’t see any recent Wahoo tech support threads, so I am going to post a recent issue I have been having with my Elemnt.

In the past couple weeks routes from Strava stopped syncing to my element. Weirdly, when I deleted a route, the Elemnt removed it, but will not download new routes. Live Segments work and it uploads my rides over wifi when finished. It also correctly syncs ridewithgps routes.

I de/reauthorized Strava and reconnected to the wifi network but that did not work. Any ideas?


Thank you. i wrote to Wahoo and they acknowledged that there is some general sync issue where all complaints by customers are being merged in one ticket and will be addressed in an update. Write to Wahoo to push the priority further:

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Thanks, I sent them a note.

hi, the reply from Wahoo on my question concerning combined climb/map:

I can’t speak as to why the feature that you’re referring to was removed though I can completely understand why you would like it and would find the display useful for when you are using your KICKR Climb. We are always looking to improve our products and experience, and I will pass this along to our developers for potential inclusion on a future update.

so, why was it removed then?

so far also no announcement on a new bile computer by Wahoo.