Elemnt Bolt Map View

Anyone else found that the map view now contains an elevation profile? Any idea how to turn it off? Doesn’t appear as an option on the map page customisation. Think this appeared as part of the last firmware update although it’s not listed on the notes.

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Yes, I’ve noticed the same thing. I’d like to be able to turn it off too, I went through the app but didn’t have any success. Will be following this thread

Seems as though resetting all pages will remove it.
Really hoping Wahoo introduce an option to turn it off like the Roam has rather than have to setup all pages again. I’ll live with it for now, updates have been coming pretty regularly recently.

Thanks! Hopefully Wahoo will make it an option to turn on/off, I could see some occasions that I would want it. Generally I would want it off though

The Elemnt and ROAM now have the elevation profile as an option on the map page (toggle it on/off in the Wahoo Companion App MAP page). I didn’t think the Bolt had enough screen realestate for both on screen at once. Likely a bug that slipped into the Bolt feature set.

New firmware has been released but it’s not taken away the elevation profile on the map page, nor given me the option to turn it off.

I have it in iOS. In the elemnt app under setting>pages>map.

Is your app updated?


Do you have a Roam or a Bolt? No updates showing for my app (iOS).

Ah, I see, just plain jane Elemnt. Sorry.

So the option to turn on or off elevation has always been there for the Roam and not surprised in Elemnt were to have the same option but with the Bolt having the smaller screen is does cramp the map view. Without any other fields turned on its no worse than it used to be with additional fields turned on but would be nice to have the same option to turn on or off that other devices have.

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Anyone updated their Elemnt Bolt to the latest firmware? I’m wondering if it just removes the elevation profile from map page or provides the option to turn on or off like the Roam does. I’d quite like to keep the option, at least for the next week until I’ve ridden the Etape but don’t want to have to leave on old firmware for ever.

ELEMNT WF48-4036 - 9 July, 2019

  • FIXED: Climbing profile incorrectly displaying on map page
  • FIXED: Incorrect power values being displayed from SRM power meters
  • FIXED: Target BPM data field showing as BPM % when using Training Peaks workouts
  • FIXED: Power from Rotor 2Inpower freezing when not pedaling

I updated to the latest firmware this week.
The elevation profile is no longer on the map screen. I still don’t have (iOS) a new version of the app that makes that a controllable setting.