Garmin 1030 - Training Status & TR Workouts


I have Garmin Vector 3 pedals, the latest wahoo Kickr trainer and use powermatch when executing TR workouts.

I monitor training status load on Garmin Connect and the ride which is synced from TR does not have training effect data.

Is there anyway to record the ride on the Garmin 1030 headunit using the Vector 3 as the powersource? When I record using only V3 as the powersource there is no distance so effectively pauses the workout.

I know the Garmin training status flys in the face of what TR plans prescribes but I would still like a view of Garmins recommended


You can either dual record, or push as outside workout and only record on Garmin. In either case you want to use an Indoor profile on Garmin and disable GPS.

After experimenting for many months, I decided to only record on Garmin with Kickr in standard/level mode as it better replicated doing workouts outside. Very happy with that setup, but others really want to use Erg and PowerMatch (dual record scenario).


You don’t actually have to record the data on the Garmin anymore, training effect is now populated automatically from TR workouts :+1:

You do however have to sync your Garmin to Garmin connect at some point as the calculations are done on the device.

So in your case all you have to do now to get the training effect to show on Garmin connect is to sync your 1030 :+1:

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This is not correct. You have to run both (or only Garmin) as @bbarrera stated. TR does not capture the data Garmin needs for the Training Effect metrics (Aerobic vs Anaerobic)

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That may work :+1: although my understanding is that not all advanced data is populated. So depending on what you want, recording on Garmin may still be required.

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I can second that you won’t get a training effect recording with only TR, you will when dual recording/ using a garmin head unit.


Thanks. My problem is when I record on my garmin head unit which uses the V3 as power source it doesn’t record property, pauses as no speed/distance ? Tried setting up wahoo as speed/cadence sensor but doeen’t connect. I want the V3 numbers sent to comnect as I use this outside.

I did read what you have described somewhere but it is still missing training effect when synced.

Are you doing as @bbarrera pointed out? You need to create an indoor profile and turn off GPS on that profile.


Thanks, I’ll try that on the next workout.

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Out of the box my 530 arrived with an Indoor profile. That disabled GPS, won’t turn on my light network, won’t auto-pause, …

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It should calculate the training effect once your Garmin is synced - what it won’t do is add the information into the actual file. If you want that then you will indeed have to record with your Garmin.

Just out of interest do you have “physio trueup” enabled? I believe that is a prerequisite.

Edit: I may be confusing training status and effect but this is DCrainmaker’s article: Garmin Training Status Now Includes Zwift, TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest and Tacx App Workouts | DC Rainmaker

Summary: training status yes - training effect no

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There’s a thread on these forums that goes into actual experiences, and the stuff I’d want (training effect and a few other things) is not supported. Still recording on Garmin.


Yep. They made it sound like you no longer need the Garmin, but it wasn’t true.

If I were you I would push the workout to your 1030 as an outside ride and use your 1030 to control your trainer. That way you will have all the data you want plus L/R balance and cycling dynamics. The only thing you will loose is power match. I.e. if using ERG it will record the power from your pedals but the difficulty will be set by your trainer and there will be a small (tiny) discrepancy.

Another option is if you dual record I think if you link your trainer to your 1030 as well as your pedals then the power will come from the pedals and the kickr will broadcast speed (and distance). I think that as long as you are not trying to control the trainer with your 1030 then it shouldn’t interfere with TR controlling the resistance from your other device.

Yes, the second dual recording scenario is what I am trying to achieve. Garmin records power from pedals and speed/cadence from trainer but unsuccessful at last attempt.

Just checked and my garmin indoor profile has gps disabled so not sure recording using pedals only will actually work.

It might have been said but just set up an indoor profile on the Garmin that doesn’t auto pause.

Quick update. Dual recording with the GPS disabled on the indoor profile worked and I have all the data I need now on my Garmin Connect account. Thanks all.