Garmin Training Effect ≠ TR

Current setup: I’m dual recording on TR and on my Garmin 1030+ - I don’t let TR upload activities to my Garmin connect only outside workouts.

Now there is something I want to know if there is a fix for it. The current zones I have set on my Garmin match with TR but on Garmin, you don’t have a SS zone. So it messes up a bit, Is there a way I can match it so the training effect is correct?

as you can see, my vo2 is my threshold zone on Garmin

Sweet Spot isn’t a training zone within the seven zone model, it overlaps the top end of Z3 & the lower end of Z4 so you can’t really add it in the way that you have. Notice that in your screen shot from your TR workout there are eight zones not seven. solves this by splitting out the work done in SS from the rest of the zones.



Isn’t there a way I can get the right training effect on my Garmin then? I wish it was the same as, or add a zone on the garmin.

Ignore Sweet Spot as a zone when setting up your Garmin zones. It’s not a zone as such, just an even more vague concept than the others.

The figures will look slightly different if you look at totals in both TR and Garmin but really you should just use one to analyse things.

IMO Garmin and are right, it’s TR that is muddying the waters.


Should I let Garmin calculate my zones then? Or keep the ones from TR? Atm, I have all zones the same as TR. Or use to calculate with Joe Friel (7z) preset?

Or just keep the TR preset zones?

At a guess Garmin, TR and Intervals will use the same percentages to calculate the zones, at least within a Watt or so depending on rounding errors. That’s not going to make much of a difference, your power meter will have an accuracy of around 1% so that’s +/- 2.5W just in measuring and then you won’t hold power precisely anyway. I can’t remember what my Garmin power zones are but they aren’t significantly different from those in Intervals.

Don’t over think things! Riding at 94% isn’t going to have a significantly different training effect from riding at 93% or 95%. If you rode at a precise 90-91% of FTP, is that Tempo or Threshold? In truth it’s a bit of both, depending on your physiology it might be 50-50 but it might equally be 70-30 or 30-70. You are still training in the right area, it’s not something to worry about. All the zones are fuzzy anyway so if you really wanted to ride threshold you’d ride at 100% not 91%, i.e. in the middle of the zone.

As a start, let Garmin auto generate the zone limits then see how they align with other models such as Friel/Intervals/etc.


That looks good.

Training effect is based on heart rate modeling, and comparing heart rate and power. It does not use power zones. More info on the science is here: EPOC and Training Effect - Firstbeat


Also with Garmin Connect one should both find the GC proprietary Training Effect : Exercise Load and the power based TSS (if using a power meter)

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