Garmin Training API - TrainerRoad outside workouts coming to Garmin Edge headunits

Is this a sly hint that you have the same with Wahoo in the pipeline? I see they have an API but specifics are behind a login wall.

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I wasn’t referring to the TrainingPeaks Connect IQ App, but to how workouts work that have been constructed in Garmin Connect work when pushed to a headset. Last time i did that, you needed a Lap Press at the end to prevent it from stopping recording. TrainingPeaks might have done something with their workouts in their ConnectIQ App to avoid this, or things might have changed since i last did it.

Yep I understood that, what I was trying to say was that trainingpeaks were able to do it with their connect iq app that pushed workouts to the device so hopefully that means that Trainerroad (and others) can do it with the new API.

My reply was poorly worded :man_facepalming:


If you want to end the interval itself early you’d hit the lap button.


It should work on your 810. My understand is it will go back a long ways.


Once we get it done for Garmin and Wahoo we’ll see what we need to do for others like Stages and Lezyne.


2 days! I knew this was coming so that’s why I said “Soon”. :smiley:


That’s not scheduled yet, but I would like to do that one day. There are other things that I’d like to get done first though.


I don’t have enough experience doing intervals outside to make any useful suggestions, but I do want to thank you for including us in the pre-release discussion!


Seriously though… do these workouts require a device with ConnectIQ or will it create a file that can be used on an Edge 500 (which does have a pretty solid workout functionality…)

OK… I just answered my own question.

Well, DC Rainmaker did:

“Even more, is that this actually opens it up to really old devices. For example – this will actually work all the way back to the Garmin Edge 500 now. And there’s countless other non-Connect IQ compatible devices this will work with too (as long as it supports custom workouts). It’s a rare case of new features being backwards compatible more than existing features.”

Ahhh the Garmin 500. The best cycling computer ever made… STILL RELEVANT! :slight_smile:


Excellent, means my 800 is still relevant!

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The best of news. The 500 stands the test of time again!


Can the export facility be rolled out to the Polar devices, specifically the M460. A lot of triathletes use Polar, also pro CX riders. I’m a rare non Garmin user and live in hope, Warrington UK actually.

No hope in Warrington lad :joy:


Any audible notices for interval start - over power - under power - interval finish?

my wahoo head unit allows me to pause a workout and then pick it up again. so that would solve some of the issues. also one might consider doing workouts on a distance base. if my climb is 3km long, i can create a workout for this distance both in the on and the off interval.

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This depends on Garmin, Wahoo, Stages, not TrainerRoad.
But yes, Garmin has beeps for interval start and the rest should also have it.

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My Edge 500 still going, too. Battery indicator shows constant 100% charge but it is enough problems in 5h rides.

It’s the over and under target I was wondering about more than anything - Can’t be looking at a head unit all the time when out on the road