Garmin: Restart interval

Firstly, apologies if this has already been mentioned recently in the podcast (I’m running behind since the UK lockdown took away my weekly commute) or elsewhere on the forum (a quick search didn’t flag anything up) I’m sure @mcneese.chad will tidy this thread away if needs be.

I (think) I have big news; it is possible to restart the current interval mid-workout on Garmin (a feature I’ve often seen held up as making Wahoo head units superior). I use a Garmin EDGE 830 and the process is as follows:

Within an active workout (which has been started) return to the default “workout” screen
Swipe up on the “workout notes” logo at the bottom of the screen
Press “Restart Step”

The workout will return to the start of the current interval so if you get messed up by a stop sign / red light etc you can redo the work.

I actually stumbled across this a couple of weeks ago by accident and then couldn’t remember how to do it when riding yesterday so spent a while tonight working it out and thought I’d share in case it was useful for others.