Garmin Non-compatible True Up

Anyone able to get True Up to create Training Load from non-compatible devices, as per this 2018 update?

Collecting Data from Devices that Aren’t Compatible
Even if one of your devices doesn’t support this update, the activities you record on it will be sent to your compatible devices* through Garmin Connect, so your VO2 max, training status and training load numbers stay up to date.”

I have a fenix 6S Pri and Edge 530+ which are compatible, and a Forerunner 45+ which is not.

I should be able to get Training Load from activities on my 45+ through Trueup….

I have a Forerunner 245 which is not listed as compatible but TrueUp works fine with it and my Edge 530.

I think the 245 is the primary because when I set it up I was a runner that was just getting into cycling.

Found a compatibility list here that does not include the 245: What is Physio TrueUp? | Garmin Customer Support

I notice my vo2 max is based on cycling, wondering if that’s the problem and if that can be changed

Mine used to show a vo2 max for each, one for running and one for cycling. I don’t see that on my phone anymore (I haven’t run in a year). If you look at reports in Garmin Connect’s web interface you might be able to see both of them there:

Maybe this link will take you to it but if not you can find reports on the left: Garmin Connect |

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VO2 Max is under performance stats in Garmin Connect mobile app. I’ll have to see if I can get the estimate to catch up to my age :smile:

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Yeah, seeing vo2 max isn’t a problem - having training load scores from FR45 activities is.

Every couple of months or so since I got a Garmin Vivioactive watch GC seems to record two VO2Max numbers. Ive never set the watch to record though and it would only go of a optical hr monitor which I don’t rate).

Still not frequent mut more often it fails to record the green line point altogether and you see a separation of cycling and general VO2Max.

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Tried the FR45 with my HRM Dual for a ten minute run. Opened it up on the Fenix 6S Pro - no load information, doesn’t show up in Connect Training Effect either.