Garmin HRM woes

Does anyone know the size of screwdriver required to undo the battery compartment of a Garmin HRM? Nothing I’ve got in my small electrics kit fits.

On a side note, it’s an absolutely stupid design - tiny screws that are going to be in a salty environment. My cheap HRM uses a coin slot door and is fine.

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#0 works for me.

Edit: this would be for the HRM Tri strap

Depends on age. I got a new one this summer which has torqs

My wife’s Edge 800 (so pretty old) has Torx screws but this HRM (about three years old) has these tiny cross slotted screws.

Fortunately my local bike mechanic lent me the requisite screwdriver so I’ve been able to replace the battery. Will have to buy a set - had to do this for the mini-Torx screws on the 800.

My screws have now been replaced with electrical tape

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