Hr chest strap for Mtb

I have a garmin hr chest strap and somehow popped off the snap on piecewhike riding Mtb, it was the part that goes over chest. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for other chest monitors or ideas that may prevent this from happening?

That’s quite a bump to have the snaps between the strap and electronic package come off.

Garmin Run/Tri/Pro the electronics are fixed, not snapped to the strap. Same goes for their new snap to the sports bra version.

Can’t really say about other brands that don’t have snaps though.

the ubiquitous CooSpo. Cheap, effective, and surprisingly durable.


I’ve used a cheap Amazon strap for my wahoo hrm when the snap broke and it’s been fine. The straps didn’t e last forever, unfortunately.


I’ve tried others (Polar, Wahoo) and have ended up with the Garmin one for the last few years, it’s great. I’d chalk your experience up to bad luck.