ANT+ HRM sensor, the hard-plastic type

So, Garmin has discontinued their “hard plastic” ANT±only HRM sensor. I’m super bummed about this because I really like this type of HRM sensor. Apparently I’m weird in this preference. The reason I like this type is because I like to detach the hard-plastic HRM part from the elastic part and just shove it into the top part of my sports bra. I don’t bother with the elastic part nor try to put it around the lower part of my chest. I’ve been doing this for years and years and it works great. I have a couple of spare straps, but I would love to find an alternative since I know these have a limited lifespan. Does anyone know an alternative similar product? Alternatively, I’ve never examined the “soft” straps very closely. Can you cut the edges so you have a shorter strap (similar to just the hard-plastic sensor) that doesn’t need to wrap around the whole body?