Garmin Forerunner 255/955 Released

New watches from Garmin. I’d heard they were coming but not till next year due to supply chain.
Was eyeing up the new Fenix 7, but honestly don’t think I’ll need all of that with even the 255

Waiting on DC Rainmakers text posts, but have YouTube links from him and Desk


It seems Trainerroad sessions can be downloaded on the Forerunner 955.

However, it’s not clear to me whether the Forerunner 255 is also compatible with Trainerroad.

Anyone who can help me? I’m seriously considering buying the 255 model.

Just finished the @dcrainmaker review of the 255. I have to say it looks fantastic. Some super clever features.

Curious Ray, does the 255 support native Normalized Power?

How did the battery go while connected to a Power Meter (and maybe phone?) compared to the “Up To 13hrs”?

One final question for anyone, I haven’t been an early adopter since the Garmin 310XT and Suunto T6, recently opting for clearance deals etc, is the 255 likely to be on special at Black Friday this year? Is there any reason to avoid purchasing an early one?

I have a 945. Looking forward to seeing the differences between the 255 and 955. Really looking forward to the info on the 1040!!!


They are live on the Garmin site. Doing a compare now! :wink:

old charging pin (i hate it really), not real native power for running, old sensors and when i read DC correctly, the Training Load thing isn’t perfect as on all the old Garmin Devices before.

The Sleep thing on Garmin is horrible too, Garmin wants, that you sleep every day 8 hours, on Whoop it is more dynamic and you get really good suggestions to go to the correct time to sleep and how long you have to sleep to fully recover and naps supported too.

So wait again 3 years to see what a FR966 will bring!

Interesting - looks like the 9xx keeps the same RRP, but the 2xx has a 50€ bump, bringing it closer to the 7xx

650€ for the 955 Solar (650€ 945 LTE )
550€ for the 955 (550€ 945 )

(450€ 745)

400€ for the 255 Music / S Music
350€ for the 255

(350€ 245 Music)
(300€ 245)

I think Des sort of implied the 255 was now equivalent to the 745.

At least it’s not heinously priced there. I was excited after watching the reviews, but the cheapest 255 is the equivalent of €450 ($739NZD) here. I’m not going to be able to justify that.

Back to the idea of sticking with the old models.

Same for me. I’ll need to read the reviews, and look at the details, but I can’t see a strong justification for upgrading for me personally, especially at those prices.

Solar would be nice, touchscreen would probably just be annoying.

All the other major updates seem to be improvements to training status and prediction. As I don’t really follow Garmin’s suggestions for what I should do (I pay TrainerRoad for that…) and as I don’t wear a watch when I sleep (which I believe is required for the new HRV monitoring that underpins a lot of the new estimations) then the older models still do everything I need and more.


I haven’t really seen that. My sleep score averages in the high 70s, and I’ve seen 81 from 6.5 hrs of sleep, and 71 from over 9hrs of sleep. I think it’s more about “time in zone” (deep, light, REM, awake).


I only had problems with it, especially when, as an older gentleman, you have to get up several times during the night to pee.

Now with the Whoop recommandations i really get better sleep, Garmin clearly needs to improve here

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My data agrees with your assessment. Avg about 6hrs right now (baby) a long night is around 7. The only change in the first half to second half of that graph is I stopped drinking (month out from race) around may 1. Same avg sleep time but quality dramatically improved.

Yes in it’s comment for the day, every single day, it says my sleep was not long enough but I’m at a 4wk avg of 79 with a high of 89 with the longest sleep of about 7 hours 4 min I think.

It’s not perfect but it doesn’t seem to focus on longer for a good score.

I picked up my 945 used for a decent deal in January after the Fenix 7 was released, upgraded from a 910xt finally. I don’t care about (or want) touch screen and from pre release articles the only thing of interest for me so far was the updated hrv stuff. I’ll wait it out to see if they happen to trickle that down to the 945, didn’t read any release reviews yet so maybe sensor can’t do it how Garmin wants? That would be the only thing off top of my head that could get me to upgrade right now assuming I could get most of my money back in the 945.


They won’t trickle it down even if they can: Garmin doesn’t do that with big new features. It’s how they get you to “upgrade.”

For me, I can answer the question “how do I feel this morning” just fine without it.

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They have been trickling down more lately, I think the difference here is going to be they say the old sensor is not accurate enough still. The 945 LTE is getting it but that has the new sensor.

If I go by feel I’m never working out in the morning again haha… but really just curious to see the data and compare it to workout results. I was kind of shocked at my change in sleep score at the start of may. I’ve done months/years without drinking before and kind of felt better but not enough to say for sure. The sleep data seems to show it’s more of a physical improvement than what I mentally think it is. I’ve used a hrv phone app that used the camera in the past but it was during a time I wasn’t really training so was semi useless, when I replaced my phone I didn’t feel like retraining it and stopped. Not interested enough to slap the hrm strap on every morning to do it with the 945.

Watched a few videos, I take back not wanting touch screen. Despite never having used the maps on my 945 being able to scroll on the screen likely would get me to use it.

The native run power is intriguing but I think I can just get the same via an app? Not sure haven’t actually downloaded any yet.

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The 745 has music by default, for the 255 you have to “upgrade” to get it which…honestly can be good if you don’t care about music
The 255 has a few nice to haves, at a glance. I don’t know if it wouldve been enough for me to choose it over the 745 when i was shopping last year. But it definitely might cannibalize some of its sales with a tri mode.

I would go for the 255 but its missing climb pro and a few things. I think Ill just stick with the 945 and pick up the garmin 1040 next week. (I Hope)

I believe the 1040 is being released on Wednesday (in the uk at least)

Yes I was hoping for today. Looks like it will be next week I hope.

Looking at Garmin’s website it’s $829 for the 255 Music vs $899 for the 955, so why wouldn’t you get the 955?
Unless you don’t like the “big” Garmin watches (I have small wrists) so I’m either going for the 255S ($829 w/ Music) or the Fenix 7S ($1099) It’s frustrating because I feel like the extra features of the 955 is worth that extra $70 but can’t justify the big jump to the Fenix

Also fun fact. The 955 without Solar is $899, the 745 is $929 :confused:

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That was my same thought. And I can’t justify a watch of that value given the chance of damage etc.

If I was going to spend that money I’d want the LTE features from the 945. Again, that’s moonbeams to me, especially for something that doesn’t make me faster, and that I have a better than average chance of damaging at work.

First world problems of course.