Garmin Forerunner 255/955 Released

I get $519.99 CAD for the 255 music and and 649 CAD for the 955. If I replace my 945 it will definitely be the 955 for $130.00 difference. In USD it is only $100.00 difference.

I had the opposite with the Whoop. It could never accurately/reliably tell when I went to sleep, when I woke, and when I got up to pee. It would think my 2am pee was when I got up, or it would think I woke up 2 hours after I did. It would constantly tell me I was recovered when I was cooked or that I was cooked when I was raring to go. It also never seemed to accurately account for strength work. I’ve had a far better experience with the Fenix sleep system, which usually knows exactly when I laid down and exactly when I woke. Like the others have said, it also seems very accurate at nailing the sleep stages and knowing when I’m refreshed vs. exhausted.

What’s your Garmin watch that was less reliable? I have a Venu SQ, it’s definitely not quite as sophisticated as the 255 looks in Ray and Des’ reviews

My Garmin F6X is accurate on sleep and the best thing is body battery personally. Plus I get 21 days in smart watch mode.

Never had a whoop but I dont think we are comparing the same thing as they are much different from what I have read.

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I put my 945 up for sale today. If it sells Ill get the 955. If not Ill keep the 945. Easy peasy.


May not interest others, but confirmed from Ray on IG that the 255 doesn’t do Normalized Power (natively).


it looks like everyone has to find out for themselves which wearable is the best for themselves

does anybody have first hand experiences with the 255? Satisfied?

I have the 955 and trying to figure out why it’s registering more calories than TrainerRoad and my Garmin 520 when using a power meter? Anyone else seeing the same thing?

Todays workout was 664 calories in TrainerRoad but my 955 is showing it as 781 calories. I feel like maybe it’s using it’s own algorithm and not the kj from the power meter. I’m not finding any settings that would allow you to select how the calories are calculated.

Any ideas?


Are you sure the 955 is paired to the power meter in the ride profile you’re using :man_shrugging:

Figured it out. It adds in “Resting Calories” which I assume is the estimated basal metabolic calories for that 1:15 session. Also in the help section for nutrition it is basically saying that it will take into account other factors in addition to power output.


Can anyone describe their experience using a 955 (or even a 945) with an Edge 1040 (or 1030)? My last Garmin was a 735XT, when it died I switched to Apple Watch. Clearly, as I’m on the TrainerRoad forums…I’ve gotten way more into cycling and the AW does not cut it. I got an Edge 130 Plus and a power meter, and that’s been a game changer. Now I want to go “all in” and get the Whoop-like body-battery/stamina/training-readiness of the 955, and might as well get the Edge 1040 while I’m doing it (I’d do a 540…if it were out, but I don’t want to buy a years’ old Edge model at this point). I’ve read through and watched tons of reviews (including all of Ray’s) but I’m still really missing:

What’s the experience like for cyclists using both Edge head units for their main cycling recording, TrainerRoad inside, and wearing a Forerunner 24/7?

Thanks in advance, please convince me it’s worth it :wink:

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I love it. I had a 1030 and have the 945. Also had a 130 plus after I sold the 1030 thinking the 1040 would be right out. I had not had issues with anything since the 1030 firmware went through a few versions. I have had a few issues with rides not showing up on the weekly load level and things like that but the 1040 has gone through a few versions of software and gets better every time. I have limited ankle mobility so I cannot run as that is what I got the 945 originally for. I use it for swimming a little and use it to track sleep and general fitness. I am very happy with the combo and am sure the 1040 will have its issues fixed quickly. I think all my issues are fixed now.

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Do you find it useful to still have the 955 for all the training features while recording on the 1040? I think Garmin calls it “Physio TrueUp” but I don’t know how well it works. Like, I know if I record on a 1040 that device at the end will give me recovery time, anaerobic/aerobic effort type, etc., but does that activity and info sync over to your 955?

Also, when recording on the Edge, how does the “extended display” feature work? I guess I’m really asking what the experience is like while riding the bike, with the Edge recording, if the watch does anything at all (I know it can broadcast wrist heart-rate, but is it automatic)?

Thank you!

I have the 945. I love it for trueup. It all syncs. Had a few issues when the 1040 was released but I think they are resolved. Right now both say 0 recovery time but I have been unable to do anything since Wednesday as I have covid.

There have been some issues with the 1040 but it is getting better. I had only used the extended display once with the 1030. With 10 possible fields on the 1030 and now 1040 I find extended display pointless It did work fine. I With garmins new UI I have also reduced the fields per screen to around a max of 7.
7 or so.

Also I take my watch off for all rides. with the 1030, 130 plus and now the 1040 I did not to have the watch with me for rides as I do not see a point. All your doing is putting another expensive device at risk. I did a 1650 km trip recently. I took off and turned the 945 off in the morning when I woke up and turned it on and put it on when I went to bed. I used the 1040 throughout the day.

As for heartrate off the watch buy a heartrate strap. It works on the 945, I am sure better on the 955. But for heart rate a $30-$60 strap is much easier to replace than a $600 watch.

I love my watch. But the 1040 does everything I need on the bike if I am training or racing. If I am bikepacking the watch goes with me but I only wear it when I will be off the bike an extended period of time.

Hope this helps.


It does, thank you! I’m itching to have the watch reporting heart-rate because, while I have a chest strap, I hate wearing it so it only goes on for structured training rides. Good point about the extra risk though, maybe I should just the band. Glad to hear the TrueUp is working well, and your point makes sense: the screen is so big on the 1040 that extended display would be pointless.

I’m so sorry you’ve got covid! I fear when my time eventually comes, especially now that summer is finally here in Seattle. Thanks again for your info!

As for this covid it’s like a bad man cold and a nasty flue combined. So I am near death :wink: .

I would go to the garmin forums and check out the 1040 945 and 955 there. I was selling my 945 to get a 955… if I sell it I will probably just get a 255. But I should just keep the 945.

it’s still not working as it should as I have an Epix 2 (same as for Forerunner 955/Fenix7) and an Edge 1040, but Edge isn’t up to par on recovery metrics and training suggestions yet, so big differences!

It will be fixed with a Edge 1040 Firmware in Q3, super cool, it’s always the same with Garmin, nothing works as expected!

Thanks. I thought it was but am unable to check.

I had a 530 and F6XsS and now have a Tactix 7 Pro and 1040 Solar. Kept the 530 and selling the F6XS. I prefer the look and feel vs a 955 plastic and other extras outside of running. The weight vs 955 does not bother me at all.

I am a Garmin fan so a little bias to be up front but I wear my Garmin watches 24x7 and only take off to charge which is not much when comparing to other watches. Body battery for me is the best part and sync daily and really like the solar ring on my Tactix. I also always watch my RHR and for me works great and can always tell how my RHR fluctuates how I am feeling and if I need more sleep. Physio true up works but not really an edge thing. The watch can do way more than I can but at least it is there.

For the 1040 solar it is a big difference in display vs. the 530 and actually prefer it. I am only keeping the 530 for my mtb due to the form factor. The battery before any solar on the 1040 is 50 hours so having to charge less it great. Navigation and touch screen are awesome. Stamina on both are really cool.

Hope that helps you even though you are looking for a slightly different combination.

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