Garmin Fenix 7 and Epix 2 up on Garmin Store

Garmin Fenix 7 (
Garmin Epix 2 (Garmin epix™ | Premium Outdoor Smartwatch)

Rather underwhelmed in the 7 series as a Fenix 6 Pro Solar owner. But we’ll see what the reviewers have to say.


I am particularly curious about the “Stamina function”. I hope it finds its way onto the Edge computers (and works for cycling).

But let’s wait and see what the Rainmaker has to say.

Looks underwhelming, was really hoping for LTE version.

I think we will see an LTE version eventually.

Besides the touchscreen there doesn’t seem to be a load of extra things added over the Fenix 6… so far I dont regret my descition to pick up a cheap (relative :rofl:) 6x in the sale… unless the prices drop even further of course :slight_smile:


what is the real new thing compared to last gen series watches? cant really tell on first glance

any lower tier new models announced too? like 255 or sinilar?

Would anticipate 955 soon, it’s basically a Fenix in a plastic case so they tend to land close together

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New Edge where? -.-

This article has a quick bulletized list of what’s new. the Garmin Fenix 7 Review ☀️ Hype? Or Best Ever? Solar too

He likes it :slight_smile:


Interesting that he says he prefers the Epix for the screen.

I LOVE the flashlight addition. That blinker is awesome for early morning outdoor activities

Fenix is listed at $1169 Cdn. That’s “out of my price point” to put it politely.

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I am tempted to pick up a 6 Solar and save my current 6 as a backup. I really like this watch.

as an ultra distance rider, I would assume I’d have that thing to 0% long before I was done. I view it as a possible performance limiting metric personally. For your more typical riders though that do ‘normal’ efforts it could be neat

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One major thing missing in taking about this watch, the future functionality of the watch. Seems like the Fenix 6 added lots of functionality since it was released. What about this watch? Does this watch have the hardware headroom to add things not possible on the 6? More memory and CPU speed. Or does existing functionality use extra resources to be more accurate? For example body battery could factor in more data to generate it’s data.

This is where looking at how the watches implement Connect IQ is useful. Do connect iq apps have access to more memory? If you run a benchmark app on the watch how much faster is it than the fenix 6? Why do no reviews look at this?

Another thing that would be interesting to look at is how much the improved optical heart rate sensor improves the metrics the watch generates. Sure, lots of the first beat metrics are the same but if better quality data is fed into them they may produce better results

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Run Testers have a good chat on comparing the Fenix 6 to the Fenix 7

Assuming we don’t want to make it own custom maps if we live in the US and we don’t travel over a days drive away you still need to load all of North America or nothing at all? So if I got the base version ~9 gigs of the 16 gigs would be taken up by the map. No way to get a smaller version of the map?

DC Rainmaker and DesFit just released their YT vids this morning on this. Excited as I was originally considering the Fenix 6 but now the new Epix and Fenix 7 are high on my list. My old Forefunner 935 is dying and showing lots of wear and tear. Personally leaning towards the Epix for the display.

I’ve been waiting for this launch for a long time now. But after having read DCRainmaker’s review I’m not convinced that upgrading from the Fenix 5X is worthwhile. I use this watch in so many ways, but there isn’t a feature the 5X is lacking that the 7 will give me. I think the biggest improvement would be in the sleep tracking, but that said, the 5X pretty much nails that too. I’m hoping to hear more stories about the 7 and those that have upgraded to help my decision along. I’d even say solar, but as it stands now I get ~17-20 days easily out of the 5X between charges, so even solar (or increased battery life) isn’t compelling enough.

The real question is… when is Garmin going to make an Edge with the Fenix interface? If I wasn’t so directionally challenged I’d ditch the head unit and just use my watch, but alas, I need (and enjoy) having a scrolling map on the handlebars.


I just bought the 6x pro (black Friday) and am debating on whether to return it or not. I was disappointed with the size of the 6 and retuned it for the 6x.

I felt like the screen of the 6 was barely bigger than the 935 I was coming from. I feel like the 6x is a bit too big. I want the Fenix line to get a more compact shell, and have a brighter screen. I feel like the 6x isn’t as bright as my 935. I’m torn. No way I will be forking over $$ for the epix. But, glad the screen is AMOLED. Maybe, the 7+ will be released in summer and have AMOLED option. But, then again, I’ll have to wait for the price to drop.

I might just send this 6x back and keep using my 935.

Tough position, but I’m sure the money you saved would make it worthwhile keeping the F6. Regarding the Epix, my guess it’s more aimed at taking on the Apple Watch crowd who are used to recharging every 18 hours. Honestly, I have zero complaints about the display on my 5X.