Garmin fenix 6 released

it’s out

And I just bought my Fenix 5X Plus. Damnit.

just waiting for @dcrainmaker

No reason to wait any longer, embargo has lifted:


yes - half way through it now :slight_smile:


Though, I’ll have to say I only bought it because it was cheap on Prime Day; I wasn’t and won’t be in the market for a full-price flagship watch.

No ragrets right. :wink:


Does the Fenix 6 provide metrics on how exhausted you get just reading through Ray’s review? :grinning:


Holy hey-Zeus that packs a lot of stuff into a watch. I can’t imagine using even 10% of it’s capabilities.

Some of these features look pretty sick.

The PacePro thing could be a real game changer if you could ever get it to sync up with Best Bike Split.

The altitude and heat acclimation things could be pretty cool too, if they actually worked.

Alright. Seems like i’m one step closer to being able to afford a 735xt, keep em coming garmin, keep em coming.

Too bad most of those features won’tr trickle down to say, the 935…cause it might be a good reason for me to pull the trigger on that one.

Agree there is room for improvement - according to my Fenix 5 my VO2 Max has fluctuated by 5 points in the last few months, during which I’ve cycled in temperatures from 5 to 35 degrees, and altitudes from sea level to 2500m! And weight and FTP (as tested in my 20C bike room at sea level) have been steady throughout.

That said I don’t think correcting for temperature will help unless the 6 is better at measuring the temperature than the 5. Mine never goes below about 20C, even when my Edge is showing sub zero temperatures, presumably because the Fenix is next to my skin and therefore thrown off by body heat. And if they do make it work I’m not sure it’s very useful or actionable anyway. Seems a very blunt measure compared to testing FTP or power output over specific timeframes.

The 5 doesn’t have the heat acclimation, which would by why you’re getting the fluctuations.
The heat acclimatization also doesn’t use the temp sensor on the watch, it’ll connect to your phone and use local weather instead. Probably due to that exact reason.

But yeah having the temp sensor next to skin doesn’t really work, lowest I’ve managed to show on the watch was ~4C, it was definitely colder than that :cold_face:

if garmin really wants to do something useful make their watches/headunits/garmin connect pass information two way.
Why if i have a 1030 and a fenix 5, all of which upload to GC, can that GC information captured by the 1030 not be passed back to the F5 for the purposes of training stress and metrics? This is so far behind its not even a joke anymore.

They do. There’s something called Physio True-Up, you just have to enable it on both devices.

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Why then if I do a Tr workout like I did this morning, which is sitting in GC and has pushed to TP and strava just fine, will it not sync to my F5 despite it already being enabled?

Was the workout recorded on the 1030 and pushed to GC or was it recorded on TR and then pushed to GC?
From what I remember Ray mentioning at some point, the TR files don’t have the extra data fields for them to be pushed to Garmin units/Garmin only allows physio true up from Garmin devices.

I record my trainer workouts on my 530 and they’ll get pushed to my 935 straight after it’s synced to GC.

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I’ve had the same pissed off thinking before but now there is Physio True-Up and that works. Garmin does not sync TR-workouts captured on the phone but should syncronize between devices. Haven’t tested it yet but will try it later today.