Sports Watch serving also as Bike Computer


I am using a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt for my Bike training, but would like to have a watch, which can replace the Bolt for my bike training and additionally track my running, rowing, gym workouts and overall heart data during day and night.

Important criteria:

  • all function which the Bolt have (more or less)
  • connection of a power meter possible
  • ability to push TR Workouts for outdoor training to the device
  • offline (downloaded maps) navigation
  • downloaded music files
  • streaming services via Wifi.
  • BPM measuring on wrist and as an alternative with a TickrX strap.

Anys suggestions are most welcome! Thx.

I’ve had a Garmin 945 for the last year, which does all of that and more with a great battery life too. I also would recommend the quick release kit for cycling so that you can mount it to an out front Garmin mount when cycling.

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Thank you. What about watches without downloaded Maps? Which options seem reasonable?

Right now I am thinking of just using the Bolt for cycling as well as for gym, rowing and running. Small, compact, reliable and all functions ( no music though) included.

And 500€ I would save too :wink:

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I currently use a Garmin 5x and am looking at a Wahoo. While the watch is great for everything off the bike, I find that I cannot do an outside workout using the watch. I don’t hear the cues and I cannot look at it every minute to predict the next interval. I also don’t put my phone on the bars.
So, I would recommend you sell me your Wahoo after you decide on a watch.


Seems a bit of an unnecessary complication.

A bike computer will offer a better experience than a smartwatch, but that doesn’t stop you having a smartwatch too. I have a Garmin 520 and a forerunner 735XT. I use my watch when it is the best option (running, walking, commute, casual riding) and the bike computer for most “proper” bike riding. Nothing to stop you also wearing the watch whilst on the bike. Been nice to be able to switch to the watch if I ever make the rookie error of not charging the 520 properly before I go out.

So my advice is, get a watch, and you seem to have a good budget, so lots of choice. But don’t expect it to be a direct replacement for the bike computer.


With the release of the Garmin Enduro and the fact its in the same form factor as the fenix 6X you might find making this decision easier later on the year when they refresh the fenix line up.

If you can get a new/boxed Fenix 5X+ you would have a great watch, the 6 is pretty much identical aside from the larger screen and solar options.

For running the maps are fine and for cycling they are managable but if you are into triathlon long rides out you will be screaming out for a head-unit the first event you you do.

My timeline was:

Polar r800
Fenix 5X ( with Maps)
Wahoo Element bolt
Garmin 830 sold Bolt to fund most of it
Fenix 6X sold 5X to fund it. ( the only reason i upgraded was pulse OX, and larger nicer screen)

I generally dual record TR workouts using the wrist watch and the 830 lives on the outside bikes.

My training partner had the 945 and only upgraded to the Fenix 5X+ because he wanted something a little more flashy for his 60th I recharge mine every 5-7 Days.

Had issues with both fenix devices replaced easily through Garmin Support.

Garmin supports remote head units with certain models so you can record on the watch and stare at the data on the head unit. Some cheaper / older units might get you the best of both worlds within budget


Thank you, what is different between fenix 5x and 5 plus?

Can I push TR workouts as outdoor sessions to the watches?

I have a Vivoactive 3 (music) and while it is perfect for everything else, these have no connection to a Power Meter.

ATM I use the Edge for Cycling with a Power Meter and the Vivoactive for everything else (also as a HR monitor for my edge…so no HR strap needed anymore)

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do you plan to:

  • wear the watch on your wrist while riding

keep in mind that it’s not easy to look at, specially with the maps request, not sure if this is the way to go

  • put it on your handlebars

this is not a very “clean” solution, and strapping your watch to your bar mount takes more effort then the twist lock of a regular bike computer.

So, I would keep the bold and by a watch in addition, that’s what I did, I had the edge 530 and added a fenix in the mix :slight_smile:

In the 5 Series only the X models have maps afaik

The 5X+ models have music streaming (I don’t use this, although I have an Amazon playlist that syncs) and an uprated HRM with Pulse OX,

These are not subtle devices the weigh in and some folks find them a bit intrusive.

I have just gone into training and its told me I have tray mountain tonight for an outdoor workout. The Garmin software is its own ecosystem and can be a bit of a law unto itself. TR actually tells me tonight’s workout is Frissell so I am not sure what’s going on there

I work outdoors for a living so I generally go for the sapphire glass, its pricey and fairly robust but I have managed to scratch them on occasions. the latest one has gone unscathed the longest. Mainly because I can’t work due to covid!

where are you based?

Hi, i am in the EU, so access to actually all models from current line of products or even last generations watches.

Actually I would like to have a one-device-has-it-all soultion: Cycling, Fitness, Maps, if possible Music (not necessary).
Would like to get rid of the bike computer then.

Not OP, but having purchased my 945 before I got into cycling, this didn’t even occur to me. I figured out how to pair a power meter to it, but how would I link it to TR for workouts?

Then the 5X, 5X+, most of the fenix 6 line ups will deal with those. music varies between the models

I’ve not used the 945 so can’t comment, there should be another 9XX model in the near future.

Thank you. pushing TR workouts to the watch is possible? Also Powermeter connection is possible? this might help :slight_smile:


Yes, certainly 6X has trainer control now:

for workouts check this out,

I can’t say as i know how the workouts made it onto the watch


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Ride Sync - TrainerRoad @rentagreement @Zaaaach

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Thanks. I do not see the difference between 645 and the fenix line. Maybe just marketing confusion?

Yes, been seeing lots of promotion for new models recently, the Enduro looks great, if rather pricey. Not enough hours in the day to use all the features. Like the idea of the respiration rate, would be great for timetrials/intervals.

I’m the oddball here with the FR 745. While i like it a lot… battery is a big deception, 4-5 days (i do a gps activity daily these days). But is it really a hinderance? Not really, as it takes 1hr to fully charge.

I was just used to doing something similar with my vivoactive HR (a 6-year old model) that used to last me easily a full week. Difference here is the 745 will allow power meter connection, and multisport mode and open water swimming among other things and onboard or streaming music. It does a WHOLE BUNCH more in terms of tracking and i could use it for bike rides alone but i have my edge 810 for that.
Also re: heart rate, if you’re doing slow and steady rides, the watch might do, but for intervals, HR strap all the time every time.

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